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    Hi Jim M91:

    If your MBP is coming with Mavericks installed then your "base system" will be Mavericks so you will not be able to downgrade to Mountain Lion - it won't be on the machine at all.  I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but that is my best guess after upgraded to Mavericks and reverting back to Mountain Lion.  But I had Mountain Lion originally. 


    Apple is one of the most customer service oriented companies out there, so maybe you could explain your situation to them and eighter cancle your order or get them to ship it with Mountain Lion.


    My issue is Pages which I work with every day and find the new format which seems to be associated with the new OS, to be more labor intensive and therefore less efficient for me, otherwise I would perfer to be up to date with everything including the OS.  Like you, I will wait until some of the bugs are fixed, and the development takes place.


    Hope this helps.

  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9 (62,210 points)

    It isn't relevant. New machines normally won't work w/earlier OS releases. So, start a new thread and you'll get answers.

  • Susan Howard Level 3 Level 3 (725 points)

    Excellent user tip. Thank you ds store.

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    what did you use to make your back up? disk utility and an image? time machine would be woeful at this task.


    i'm so angry at apple, since sept. with i0s7 and now mavericks my computers and phone's are pathetic. a loyal apple customer since 1984, i'm about to jump ship.

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    I used an external hard drive.  I should tell you though, that since I was able to go back to Mountain Lion and get everything working again, I waited for about a month and have upgraded to Mavericks again and this time it was seamless.  Everything worked well and I'm adjusting to the new Pages.  Not a lot of struggles since I first tried to install it.  I'm having more trouble with iOS7 but not to the point that I would say they're "pathetic" - frustrating at times though!  My husband uses a PC and I'm his tech dept.  Even with the glitches I've had with Apple with the first try of Mavericks and now issues with ios7, I still prefer Apple over working with his Dell.  I've only been a "loyal customer" for a little over a year.  Hope this helps.  Sorry you're having such trouble.  I was pretty surprised when I got a call from Apple as a result of my discussion here wanting to go back to Mountain Lion.  Spoke English and seemed to genuinely be interested in what struggles I was having. Hope you manage to resolve the issues your having. 


    Oh, back to your question - I did use time machine and an external hard drive. 

  • Peter DiSalvo Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I am here to add that Mavericks is nightmare and I want to go back to 10.85

    I've spent a sleepless week holding off client and examining logs.

    nightmare apple, frickin nightmare.

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    I've since reinstalled Mavericks and its working fine.  Much better than original install.  Did you figure out how to go back to Mountain Lion?

  • Peter DiSalvo Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I tried to reinstall just OS X Mavericks but that did not change anything I was still getting gray and or blue screen crashes randomly.


    Next I tried the big guns, use Disk Utility to Erase then Restore from Time Machine (TM).

    During steps prior to Restore  TM asks if I also want to reinstall applications, documents, and personal settings, by default these are checked to yes and I leave it that way. 

    OK, TM gets done and I see scree that says these incompatible apps will not be installed - it is empty.

    OK I start to log into machine but it treats me like a new setup??

    I get into machine but it's as if I am brand new person, however I do see all my applications but no data???

    Wait how come my data and personal settings did not come over?


    I try Tme Machine and see my backup from days ago, however the restore button is grayed out I cannot restoryethis way.  Hmm


    OK I restart with command +R and get to screen that asks if I want to reinstall from TM I say yes and begin process.  It warns me that my data will be wiped etc, OK so what I have no data to wipe.

    Anyway I proceed with TM restore it completes and I try to login....gray screen hanging. 

    I try safe boot, that comes up.

    I try normal boot and get in - I see all my docs but things seem shaky.

    This does not seem right at all.

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    I'm sorry you are having such trouble Peter.  When I reverted back to Mountain Lion using command R, I did not say "yes" to using TM, I went with the internet option.  I can't remember the exact process now but I know I did not use TM.  It will wipe everything and it will appear as if you have a new machine so it is true that you will have to set everything up as if you are a new person.  All the data will be wiped, so you have to reinstall it either from TM or from an external drive.  I backed up my data onto an external drive.  Your issue makes me wonder if the gray/blue screens are caused by something other than the OS.  Maybe the best thing would be to start a support ticket with Apple.  They seem to be responding quite well to Mavericks issues - at least I think they are.  Good luck.  Sorry I'm not more help.  I'm not an expert but did manage to revert back to Mountain Lion, but then a month later went back to Mavericks on both my desktop and Pro and it's all be working well - that's what makes me wonder if your gray/blue crashes are being caused by something else.

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    hi there,

    could you please explain to me how to uninstall Mavericks via the internet?



  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9 (62,210 points)

    Try OS X Internet Recovery. That should get you the original OS installed (Lion or Mtn Lion, even if it shipped with Snow Leopard).

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