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After upgrading to Server 3.0, the SUS does not work any more for the clients.

It is possible to ping the server, the CatalogURL has remained the same as in Server 2.2.


Still, when trying to update the clients with the software from the Update Service, I get the error:

" Can't load dat from the Software Update Server"


The install.log shows:

SoftwareUpdate: could not retrieve catalog: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1100 "Can't load data from the Software Update server (myserverxx.local)." UserInfo=0x7faa82f062a0 {SUCatalogFetchOverrideURLString=http://myserverxx.local:8088/index.sucatalog


did the url change (the documentation is not different) or can I check somewhere if the softwhere update server is down or really running?

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