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Tried to download Mavericks twice last night. Both times got to 995 mb, then stopped. Told me to go to purchases, click resume and go. Ate up lots of bandwidth, but still not even 1 gb loaded. Tried again this morning, with same result. Will try again tonight, but before doing that, thought I would ask if anyone else had a similar issue and if they found a correction to it. I may have missed something initially, know that, and won't be insulted if a boneheaded mistake is pointed out that I made!

I understand I may be able to go to finder, click on incomplete download folder, kill it and start over again. Eats bandwidth and really don't want to end up where I am at now.

I am not doing a clean install , but rather doing it like a regular update .

Any and all advice appreciated

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)