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I've been an apple user since the 80s and, although I do not like the turn Apple has taken in the past few years, (essentially "newspeak"-ing their OS a la "1984" ), I've stuck with them. When they removed the ability to sync notes locally, I was angry, but found a workaround. Now, with Mavericks, we can't sync ANYTHING locally, and that, unfortunately is a dealbreaker for me.


I'm still ok with staying with Mac for now, but I would like to be able to keep backup copies of the contacts and calendars I store on my phone. I can backup the computer's contacts and calendars through Time Machine (for now. I'm sure Time Machine will be removed soon too.) But I need a way to backup what's on my phone/tablet/ipad. I cannot and will not use icloud for this.


Does anyone know of a way to grab contact and calendar data files manually or wirelessly, from handheld devices, and drag them to the computer or a storage device for safekeeping? And even better (if possible), how to then import them elsewhere (like into the computer's apps)?


Or does anyone know how to clone one iphone/tablet/ipad's info to another without going through icloud? Back when I had PDAs and other electronic organizers, we used to be able to link two devices to each other (without a computer), clone one to another and keep backups that way.


Right now it looks like I may have to go back to paper organizers for my contacts/calendars etc. I suppose I could scan those pages whenever there's a change, and keep "backups" that way, but I'd like to keep using electronic handheld devices for contacts/calendars if it's possible. If I can back them up in a non-icloud way, I'll keep using them and can use my computer for all other business. Otherwise, it's back to a paper organizer and/or switching platforms/computers (until those companies follow suit and remove local syncing too!).


If you know of alternative ways to backup iphones/ipads/tablets etc, please share them in this thread. Even if it's through dragging the files to a storage drive and not necessarily syncing them to the computer. I'd welcome any suggestions.

OS X Mavericks (10.9)