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This is probably super simple, but I hate that I have to use so much time to find out how to ADD A PAGE in Pages.

If I can not see it, then Apple has made this too advanced when it should be super simple.


Does anybody know how to add pages in the new version of Pages?

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    Looks like you have to insert a Page Break, either from the Insert menu or the pink box with the + in it on the Toolbar of the window.


    I can't get a Page Layout blank to open, so I've opened one of the Flyers & Posters then deleted all the content.  I sometimes need larger poster layouts, so now I have to go to File>Page Setup... then under the Paper Size: popup select "Manage Custom Sizes..." and create the size I want.  Then the new Document Inspector (View>Inspector>Document Setup) will recognize it and all of the other custom paper sizes I have created in the past.


    If you do this, there is then an option under the Insert menu to add a Page rather than a Page Break as in word processing files.


    I added Keyboard Shortcuts for the two Inspectors as Format – Shift-Command F and Document – Shift-Command-D.


    Now I can save this layout as a Template and it shows up under File>New...>My Templates.


    I'm still trying to figure out how to get an Advanced Find so I can replace special characters like Paragraph returns, Tabs, etc.


    I think we are in for a little "re-orinetation" with the new iWork apps.

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    As luck would have it...


    After messing around a little more, I figured out how to create a blank Page Layout document. 


    Go to File>New... and select the Blank template under the Basic category.  When the blank template opens, select View>Inspector>Document Setup.  About half way down on the Inspector panel, just under the Header and Footer check boxes, you'll see a check box labeled "Document Body."  Uncheck that. 


    This will give you a new blank Page Layout document and the Insert menu will now show Insert>Page as an option.

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    Page Break worked. But it makes no sense. I find Apple forgetting their roots to being great and making complicated things simple. I will send a feedback to that.


    Also.. Figures in Pages will not automatic center to each other. Can't find a setting to able it. To me that was a standard thing in Pages in its earlier versions.

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    That definitely gives you a blank page to work with. However, I can't figure out how to set the margins and I can't view the outline to make sure that I'm within my printer's margins which is useless.


    I've already gone back to Pages '09.  Enough time wasted already.

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    Maybe I should go back then!

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    UNCHECK DOCUMENT BODY!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! Back to "pages" instead of "page" again! Oh Apple, what HAVE you done to this once amazing app!

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    Pages 4.3 is still in an iWork folder within your Application folder, and it still works.  Apple is now actually directing users to do this.


    In the meantime, rate on the App Store and leave Feedback:



    I just got off the line with 3rd level customer support who said they were VERY aware that this is a work in progress.  They said they were working actively to "bring it back ."

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    Thanks Creig. Very helpful. Worked for me.

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    Another way I discovered:go View > Show Page Thumbnails then select a page and go Edit > Duplicate Selection. Hope this helps/works!

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    That only applies to Pages 5.2.


    The previous posts were for previous versions.



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    I have the same problem and I want to insert a page between two pages; so now I have to insert a page break and then arrange all my pictures and text down  in the document. It is a lot of work and now I regret that did not used Word instead.

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    To insert a new page all you have to do is go to insert > section. Thats what I found worked for me!

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