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Hi everyone, i upgraded to Maverick yesterday and i now have a problem with the software "Preview 7.0". I've got a macbook pro 13" retina.


Before Maverick i could visualise image in high resolution using Preview, and the 100% view was showing the image full quality. Now my Preview software acts like i'm not on retina and i can only visualise my images with the resolution of a standard monitor.


Does it make sense ? Please help !!!

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    The same problem here, i.e. the Retina (the use of screen native resolution 2880x1800 for graphics stuff) is not supported by Preview (Version 7.0). Happened after upgrading from Mountain Lion to Mavericks.


    hardware: macbook pro retina 15" (late 2012)


    Any help is appreciated!

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    I'm having the same issue with Preview not displaying images at the correct resolution.  If you also look at the info in Preview, there are metadata issues showing up.  Under "Creator's Contact Info" this is the info displayed.


    Creator's Contact Info: , CiAdrCtry, CiAdrExtadr, CiTelWork, CiUrlWork, CiAdrPcode, CiAdrRegion, CiAdrCity, CiEmailWork


    Something is broken with the program.


    Macbook pro retina 15" (late 2012)

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    I have a Mac Pro 4,1 and I am also experiencing prooblems with Preview software that shows the wrong image one of two behind of the actual image selected and at the incorrect resolution. If I move faster in Preview the software just hangs. Closing and restarting Preview only fixes the issue for three or four images and the same problem continues.


    My install was a clean install of Maverick. As my computer has went through three operating systems previously.



    Mac Pro 4,1 Quad Core, 24GB RAM, ATI 5870, SSD

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    same issue here. and even after the last OS update (10.9.1)

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    I see after 9.2 upgrade this still broken...