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i need recommendation on adding a hard drive to my IMAC running OSX10.5.8 I want to move files to it to free up space and also use it for time machine backup.. My current hard drive is a 320gb and I only have 12gb available


Any suggestions on the best hard drive to purchase and the difficulty in moving files.  I am NOT a techie





  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7

    If you're looking for an external drive that is already in an enclosure you should check out OWC decent prices and good service and a wide range of options.




    Just saw the bit about moving files. Just  make sure  whatever disk you get is formatted for Mac. It needs to be OS X Extended, when you get the drive and hook it up run Disk Utility to format it.


    To move files the easiest thing is to just use the finder and drag what you want to move over to the new drive. Dragging to a different drive will copy the files so once you're done and know the files are OK on the new drive you will need to delete them from  the original drive.


    This might  be a good time to think about starting some sort of backup program.




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    I second Frank's recommendation of OWC's external hard drive. I have 6 that I'm using and am very happy with them.  Unless you have a Mac with a USB 3 port I'd get one with Firewire connectivity for speed. 



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    Another thumbs up for OWC.