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I upgraded to Maverick.

A notifications that an event (long past) keeps showing up in the corner of my screen. 

I click the button to "Close", but it just shows up again a few minutes later.


It will not go away.  How I can remove it?

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Have you tried to open Calendar to find and remove the event?


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    Yes, I have delted all the events with the same even name - let's call it "meeting".  They were all from 2012.  It is sitll happening every five minutes.


    When I search in the finder there are 10 ICS files with the same name "meeting" all with the time of the last notification - in this case they are all listed to have been created Today at 10:45pm.


    All of the ICS files are in the Library/Calendars/LongStringofGarbageCharacters/Events


    When trying to delted them via the finder, I get the message, "These items should be managed through the application library.  Are you sure you want to move these items anyway."


    Should I ignore the warnings and delete?

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    SamYahm wrote:


    Should I ignore the warnings and delete?

    As a last resort with a proper backup I would consider that, but it should not matter as long you are positive that you are removing only the offending event.


    Are you using iCloud? If so, have you gone to iCloud.com and tried to remove the event from that Calendar App location?


    What happens when you click on the event in the Notification Center? In my case it takes me directly to the event in the Calendar Application.


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    Have the same problem as well. Any ideas on a fix?