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We use Google Calendar from Google Apps for Business at my office, and through Google Calendar, my coworkers share their calendars with me (I do an "Add a coworker's calendar" in Google Calendar.)


When I add my Google calendar account to the Calendar app on my iPhone/iPad, it will also allow me to display or hide my coworkers' calendars. I usually keep them hidden.


When I ask Siri what my schedule for the day is, Siri's response includes all my coworkers' schedules and not just my own, even though I have them hidden in the Calendar app. If I go to the Calendar app, the coworkers are still hidden. If I click on one of my coworker's meetings in the Siri response, it takes me to the Calendar app, with that coworker now unhidden.


What I would like to happen is that Siri not return my coworkers' calendars when I ask for my schedule. At the very least, don't show them when they are hidden in Calendar.


Is this a known bug? Feature? Does anyone else have this problem? Any workarounds?

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3