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Hello all,


Have iPhone 5S from UK. IOS 7.0.3 installed. Experiencing the following problem.


I noticed that the battery drains too fast on the 2 days old phone.


When i go to sleep i put alarm on, close all apps, switch off the sound, put the device in airplane mode. When i wake up, 8h, the battery drains 10% or more. On the iPhone 4 this wasnt an issue, max 1-2 percent, but in most cases it remined same percent. Why is this battery draining that fast with nothing running? Any solution?


Also when phone reaches 1% it seems to sit more on it than it should before recharging, as if 1% is the same as 3% i can compare this because i see how fast percentages deplete before that.


I am having a hard time believing that this is the device? Or is it? Should i reset? Delete some apps?


Please help....

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, Early 2011 MacBook Pro
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