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  • palmer999 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem. I have an iPhone 5S running iOS7.1 and currently my battery decreases by 10% EVERY HOUR, even with Airplane Mode turned ON!


    So far I have turned off all background app refreshing, turned off notifications, pruned my location services - including the 'System services' at the bottom of the list (sneeky Apple). All my apps have been flicked closed and airplane mode is on (so no GPS, WiFi, 4G etc). I've even turned on 'Reduce Motion' to stop the parallax UI. All this and the battery drain remains the same....


    What could possible be running when airplane mode is on?


    A friend has the same phone and doesn't experience this problem. This only difference between the devices is mine has a Model number of: ME438B/A (under Settings>General>About) and his is slightly different.


    If you are experiencing this problem can you check your model number and see if it matches mine? It might be a bad batch of iPhones.

  • Hazzak Level 1 (0 points)

    Palmer 999, i have a different Model to yours also (One digit) but here for example is the staus of my phone today.

    Iphone 5s 16GB


    • Iphone restored to factory settings yesterday.
    • Phone is less than 3 months old
    • Added 2 emails accounts and contacts
    • No additional apps on phone
    • Location servicesm find my iphone, background apprefresh all off


    During the day i have sent about 8 text message and looked online for a few minutes no more

    100% charge at 08.20

    69% at 10.55

    44% at 12.31

    23% at 12.04

    6% at 15.30

    Shutdown at 15.50


    I basically get 4 minutes and 30 seconds per 1% of charge.

    Before the IOS 7.1 update, with around 30 apps it would last a full day and still have limited charge the next morning.

  • palmer999 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bah! Thought I had something with the model number. This sounds like it's an issue with the new iOS update.


    I have a Genius Bar appointment tonight so will update here with what they say...

  • kb1509 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey palmer999,

    has your battery life changed since the genius bar appointment? I have exactly the same issue!

  • palmer999 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi kb1509, well I met an Apple Genius who began to run though a list of battery saving tips, only to realise that I'd already done them. He was able to do a Battery Health Check on my device (Apple Magic) which came back as 97% - so there is nothing wrong with the battery. He then said that it could be firmware or hardware. So the next step was to reset the firmware and see what happened. I am to return after 2 weeks if the problem remains.


    The problem hasn't gone away after resetting the phone AS NEW (important, aparently). So this is either a hardware issue (I'm hoping for a device replacement) or a firmware issue (we're all screwed till iOS8 comes out in Autum).


    Will update in a few days....

  • kb1509 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same thing!! Exactly the same! I've been to the genius bar twice within the past week to try and fix this issue!!!! They told me all the battery saving tips and i've done all that.

    A battery health check was also 97% for me too cos my phone is less than 6 months old.

    Both reps said 7hrs of standby was normal (No it's not). I previously had double that! Now I have to charge my phone twice a day.

    I've probably reset my phone to factory settings five times already without any luck as well.

    Last night I put my phone in airplane mode with 100% battery, I woke up with a dead phone. And yet they believe my battery is normal.

    Since they believe my battery is fine, I can't get a replacement.

    I'm out of ideas. I think i'll have to get a power bank until the next update.


    Let me know if anything works for you

  • Hazzak Level 1 (0 points)

    Following my issues and several resets over the phone I went to the bar and replaced for a handset with 7.1 already installed. Battery now lasting 2 days nearly so clearly an issue with the old one

  • kb1509 Level 1 (0 points)

    Luckily you were able to get a replacement!

    Were you able to get a replacement because of the problems you said?
    Was your battery also in good health?

  • Hazzak Level 1 (0 points)

    Looks like I was lucky. Battery health was excellent apparently .didnt really do any tests as I had done the rebuild as new etc. took about ten minutes. The chap was great to be honest.

  • kb1509 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's awesome! I think I'll try one more time and go to a different apple store too!

    If I wanted to use a phone for texts and calls only, I would've stuck with my old school nokia lol.

  • Kranthi_Kiran Level 1 (0 points)

    Same Here ...super fast battery discharge in flight mode .Fed up with Apple ....i get the battery for 8 hrs in flight mode .it just goes from 100 to 0 in 8 hours without touching it and in flight iphone is just 3 months old .


    Some folk pls try this ..this may did not work for me but any of you may be lucky. /

  • ShawVicDaas Level 1 (5 points)

                               iOS 7 has a lot features like Background App-Refresh, Automatic App Updates, Perspective Zoom n Parallax Effect that has a severe impact on the tiny 1560mAH battery of iPhone 5s. Further, as we know A7 chip is a 64-bit processor. Best way to preserve battery life is to turn these features OFF permanently.


                               If u dont use Siri or iCloud Services, switch them OFF as well. Avoid 3D Gaming or Full HD videos on iPhones (use an iPad for it      ). Set the brightness as low as 6-10% while indoors. Dont use Cellular Data when Tower Signal is low. Prefer to use a stable secure Wifi. Dont use the phone when it gets warm. Optimize the device using RAM managing apps. Keep the device clean by deleting junk files using "Cleaning Apps". Turn on Airplane Mode during sleep hours. Perform regular REBOOTs of your phone. Always keep the iPhone updated to the latest iOS version released.


                              These steps if followed regularly and developed as a habit will certainly enhance the battery to 7-8 hours of real-time moderate usage and typical 1 day on Standby with it. I think we dont really need more than that out of a tiny 4" device. iPhone 6 should have a better battery life than this of course.

  • Kranthi_Kiran Level 1 (0 points)

    we did a complete reset and set  the phone as new iphone .

    i did not log into any of the features ,no mail,no icloud ,no apps installed , Deactivated backound process,disable location services,nothing on the phone .it was all abasic phone .all wi fi ,3g, 4g turned off and kept in flight mode .

    But still i see a drain of 10% an hour without touching it .

    it seem that the battery is good and the phone becomes warm .and the battery drains out.

    i tried a lot of methods but for some reasons some process in the phone are making my battery drain and phone hot.

    before going to sleep i see 100% but in the moring i wake up i see 1% or dead phone.really frustrated with this .

    intially the phone worked great like 100 while before going to sleep morning it was 94-95%.

    i also did battery caliberation .even that did not work .


    Plz if any one can help that should be great Phone is Iphone 5S .just 3 months old .




  • gsmhelper Level 1 (5 points)

    hi kranthi  it seems your phone is shorted!

    better to bring in service technician to find what is causing a circuit short

  • gsmhelper Level 1 (5 points)

    to everybody


    this our causes of fast drain battery


    1st Hardware

    maybe the history of phone getting wet by persperation of our hand while using it,water,oil

    maybe you are using not original charger so can damaged your phone


    2nd Software

    the firmware maybe bug issue inside so developer may alert for those cooments in this community si keep posting


    3Rd Application

    some application HD may affect battery percentage some games HD is more consumption energy

    wifi,blutooth,brightness may also the cause why battery is fast drain