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After the recent update to Mavericks, my Mail app is running VERY poorly. I've tried several restarts to no avial.

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Anyone else having this issue?

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    Yes having issues. Very unstable cannot select all and delete eMails get error. Maill will not close just hang the and the quit mail is grayed out. Have to hard restart MAc Mini to somewhat recover thought my Windows products were the only ones need hard shutdowns. Should have waited on Mavericks.

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    My system overall is running well, but Mail is nearly worthless. Did the install on my Macbook Pro and dont seem to have the same issue, only having troubles on my Mac Pro 2008.

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    Apple relased an update to address gmail. I would think that any required update to Mail may be included in the next Mavericks update. But Apple will not release that until they are sure it addresses the issues they are focusing on. Whether it is OSX or machine specific, we do not know.


    Until then, I have nothing more to suggest. Many seem to be having Mail issues. Lets just hope.





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    I just read a few other discussions saying Java was an often culprit. I just turned off Java system wide and the results seem positive so far. Not running fully upto speed, but improved greatly in the short term. Hopefully it keeps up.

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    I too am suffering significant performance issues with Mail, and really throughout (Finder, opening, saving, quickview, etc, etc.). 2011 2.8ghz MPB with 8gb.


    Really disappointing "upgrade".

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    I have my Mail app using syncing with Google IMAP.  This is what I have discovered now having upgraded 3 Macs to Mavericks.  Mail is setup exactly the same on all 3 Macs.

    If your Apple Mail app is setup to sync with Google apps (Mail>Prefernces>Accounts), first run Software Update and install any Updates.  This will insure you have the lastest Mail update.  Look at Gmail, at the bottom of any Gmail page, and determine how much storage you are using on the Google servers.  One of my accounts is using 18 GB and another 13 GB.  On my iMac with Mail synced to the 13 GB Gmail account it took several week for everthing to sync properly.  It took even longer on my iMac which syncs to the 18 GB Gmail account.  My advice is to be patient and eventually Mail will settle down and sync correctly.  If you want to watch what is happening in background, open on the Mail menu > Window > Activity.

    Also see: Synchronize Google Apps with Mac

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    Also, having weird issues since Mavericks update: mail sent to trash & deleted, comes back to inbox, even after a Safe reboot & re-start.

    I get hundreds of email due to work, & I want them to be gone! What is going on?

    Really annoying.


    Have fun.


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    Even after recent update of 10.9.2, problems with Mail continue.


    Deleted mail messages keep returning to inbox! I've done all the standard troubleshooting steps: re-start, repair permissions, Safe Boot, re-install Mavericks, ran Onyx, too. Cleared Caches, history, etc. & Checked Disk.

    No matter which method I use to get rid of messages: drag to trash, or select delete from menu, the messages re-appear, after I use: erase deleted items!

    My inbox now has 1427 messages.


    Also, messages which I move or send to designated mailboxes, return to inbox, too!


    Remember in the old days when we could dump prefs if there was an issue, why can't we do so using Mavericks?


    Using an iMac intel core i3 3.2Ghz. w/12G Ram, Mac OS X 10.9.2.


    Thank you for your time.

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    The OSX 10.9.2 update appears to have resolved most of my issues except that Mail read on an iOS devices is not marked as read on OSX devices.  Mail read on any IOS device is marked as read on my other IOS devices and on Gmail, but not on OSX devices running 10.9.2.


    I have OSX 10.9.2 installed on 3 Macs.  These comment apply to all three.  IOS devices (4) are all running IOS 7.0.6