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  • Trocafish Level 1 Level 1

    Seems I am going to get a call from WD specialist tomorrow. Hope that helps.

    Even though I´m no computer wiz I´ll try to relay what happened ( if anything) tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed and all that. Just hope my english is good enough. Been a while since i spoke English.


    Last resort is ripping out the discs and docking them.


    /Marie , Sweden

  • henry79 Level 1 Level 1

    I have experienced the same problem.  I've lost 22 TB of data on multiple external drives (firewire, eSATA, USB) and some multiple times just as I rebuilding them.  I  disconnected a 6TB WD MyBook. 


    I just now lost an INTERNAL 4TB hard drive (replaced with an empty MyBook partition plus an EFI showing in sidebar of Finder) which has a Drobo NAS backup.  I just called Apple support and they wanted me to take my bulky MacPro into the store.  I decided not to for the moment.  I will use a spare Mac Mini to rebuild my Mac Pro drive from a CCC backup prior to installing Mavericks and rebuild my backups. 


    I first thought the problem was my eSATA PCIe cards (a WiebeTech 2 port eSATA and a CalDigit 2 port eSATA and 2 port USB3).  I eliminated those and still had external drives lost.  I used firewire 800 instead completely.  I also added back the rear eSATA extender cable that connects to the unused CD eSATA port.  That worked to create a time machine backup and seemed faster after disconnecting the MyBook 6TB drive.  Unfortunately, you have to restart to change the drive with extender.

  • Gochugogi Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry to read of these HD woes. I'll chime in and say I've been running 10.9 for a week now and the data on my internal Fusion and 3 external drives are fine (LaCie Big Disk, OWC Elite & WD My Book). The externals were running off FW800 and after a couple days I noticed they were not spinning down when my Mini was in sleep mode. They were really hot and I suspect some 10.9 drive failures were due to overheating  I switched all three to USB 2 and they spin down normally now and are running cool. All were formated with Disk Utility and no special HD software was installed. The WD disk is my Time Machine disk and is still peacefully doing it's hourly thing.

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 Level 6

    They were really hot and I suspect some 10.9 drive failures were due to overheating



    Yes, the 'wont sleep' issue is well established on Thunderbolt and FW HD


    Heat like that will kill a HD in no time flat,....someone leaves for a few days like that and comes back the HD is going to be dead without doubt.

  • keith contarino Level 1 Level 1


    I, for one, greatly appreciate your advice here. I am currently running 10.6.8 on a late 2008 Macbook. When Lion came out, I was using the last MacBook made in 2010 and downloaded Lion without making a bootable backup and was chastised on these boards for not knowing to. I have Carbon Copy Cloner. My 2010 machine and 3 external hard drives were all destroyed. I had one WD HD years ago and will never buy another. I'm anticipating downloading Mavericks but not before I make a bootable backup. I need to purchase an external. I would appreciate your advice as to which one to buy. I want at least 1TB and was thinking Lacie or Gslim but believe you were touting Hitachi 2.5. Every Hitachi on amazon says for Windows out of the box but can be formatted for Mac. It's been my experience with all products that say for Windows or Mac (Except printers), they don't work well with Macs or are such a pain to use they aren't worth the trouble. On Amazon now I'm considering the following which all say are out of the boxfor Mac

    1. Seagate Backup Plus 3.0 1TB For Mac $84

    2.Oyen Digital U32 Shadow 1TB 3.0 2.5 with 10GB cloud storage with SpiderOak, $90. Never heard of this company but like the size and cloud storage

    3.Toshiba Canvio S;im II Portable External Hard Drive For Mac 1TB 3.0 also has 10GB Cloud $100

    4. Lacie rugged 1TB 3.0 mini disk portable  $109

    all the GSlims were 500GB


  • JJCMA Level 1 Level 1
  • eoren11 Level 1 Level 1

    All clear over here (for now?)


    Just want to chime in to the thread as I have been following it closely.


    27" iMac from mid-2011 - I have all of my externals daisy chained via FW800 and in OWC enclosures.  One 2 TB and two 3 TB drives.  All seem to be working perfectly fine.  Only got nervous when I stumbled onto this thread.


    I used to have a problem with drives not sleeping in Mountain Lion but realized there were other issues as well (iMac wouldn't sleep consistently) so went with a clean install for Mavericks.  I have been keeping the externals off for the most part unless I need to access data on them and noted that the drives would sleep after a few minutes of inactivity or when the iMac was put to sleep.


    Very curious what happens here and, for better or worse, this situation has made me even more paranoid about backups.  A Synology NAS is now on order for true off-site/disconnected from any other computer backup...

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 Level 6

    Lacie doesn't make anything, it's owned by seagate and contains seagate HD


    There are only 4 HD mfg on earth, toshiba, hitachi, seagate and WD



    There is no such entity as a PC vs. Mac or a "windows" HD, ....they're all mechanical bricks you can format as you like.


    Anything that says "windows or mac etc. HD".  It's all fluff and nonsense, you can reformat any and all of them


    This is the best mfg compact external for the money, I have several --


    2tb toshiba 4 platter 2.5" for $117


  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 Level 6

    I have all of my externals daisy chained via FW800



    Really bad idea, unless you have another redundant copy of THOSE drives not connected somewhere.


    Never ever create a single bottleneck failure point or as one HD guru called it a "domino array of potential corruption"

  • eoren11 Level 1 Level 1

    Yah...came to that realization when this thread popped


    Somewhat limited on the iMac from 2011 as don't have USB 3 and haven't wanted to plunk down the money on thunderbolt for mechanical drives as didn't seem worth it.


    FW 800 offers adequate throughput for these drives but there is only the one port for the iMac so had to daisy chain...


    Like I said, the Synology drive is en route to help but open to other suggestions if you have them.  I may start by putting one of the externals that is redundant backup of my photos on USB2 and sacrifice the slightly longer backup times now that incremental backups are relatively small.


    - don't mean to thread-jack this so feel free to ignore me too

  • ofquiet Level 1 Level 1

    Just to add more updated info to the thread, I plugged in a Seagate Portable USB drive to copy some stuff and watched it instantly get erased and partitioned like all the others. So it can keep happening to other drives even after the initial occurrence. I've also dug through my computer to get rid of everything WD, but the drive manager thing still pops up in the status bar on startup. I've already deactivated it in startup items, but I'm concerned that it is still lurking on the computer. Anyone have any ways to purge all WD crap off your machine?

  • AKabas Level 1 Level 1

    I removed WD folders from Library/Application Support and all files with WD in their names from System/Library/Extensions. Finally the WD Drive Manager does not show up in the menu when I connect the formatted MyBook Studio Ed II 6TB.


    BTW my Time Machine is on a 2TB single hard disk WD My Book drive and it's working fine under Mavericks with and without the WD software. Somebody in the WD forum said that his WD RED disk has not been affected but his WD GREEN disk on the same dock has been formatted to "MyBook". I wonder if this could be a Red/Green problem as well as a RAID problem.

  • ofquiet Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks! That was helpful.

  • -Jukka- Level 1 Level 1

    I found only 2- .kext:




    Where is the rest of the 5 files?


    I think this 2 . kex is WD- turbo drviver but  how do I get out of that WD Drive Manager?

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 Level 6

    WD RED disk has not been affected......I wonder if this could be a Red/Green WD problem as well as a RAID problem.



    Green - Eco friendly drives with design to be energy efficient and quiet.  Designed to take advantage of non-use to lower power requirements. Base model consumer grade.


    Blue - standard conventional HD


    Red - Most common use is for NAS - designed to be compatible with NAS enclosures, does not utilize any ECO friendly power reduction, as the drive was designed to run 24/7 in a network environment.


    Black - This is the most reliable, highest performing drive in the series and used in server farms etc.





    *Green drives are not recommended for use in RAID environments RE: Western Digital




    Outside of some minor mechanical characteristics, I cannot fathom a Green being a failure point over a Red


    "Red is  more power efficient, noise is slightly less, speed is slightly more, MTBF is higher, load cycles are doubled, Red also comes with "Active Balance" which is designed to reduce vibration"

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