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  • davidhq Level 1 Level 1

    *iPhoto library, not iTunes (it won't let me edit my post anymore - too much edits probably)

  • Drew Reece Level 5 Level 5

    You will have to see if the progress bar is just wrong, it may complete in less time that translates to an appropriate speed for USB2.


    Writing many small files is slower than writing one large one.


    Check System Profiler to see how the disks are connected (USB2 should say 480Mb/s, USB1 will say 11Mb/s). USB hubs can slow speeds, so connect directly if you are not already doing so.


    It could be Tuxera, I haven't experienced making large copies onto NTFS volumes so I couldn't say. You should probably think about what you are trying to achieve too - iPhoto libraries may not work on an NTFS formatted volume, it may rely on HFS+ features.


    I was under the impression that the iPhoto library was 'just a bunch of files & some custom DB's' but Old toad & Csound1 debated how well that works in cloud backup solutions in a recent thread…


    I'm not 100% convinced, but I wouldn't be surprised if Apple used HFS+ only features in their library.


    The only way to be sure is to open that Library & see if iPhoto is OK with it. Hold alt when you launch iPhoto & you can select the library to use (after the hours of copying completes).


    Good luck.

  • davidhq Level 1 Level 1



    That's great information! You likely saved me some big problems in the future. I had no idea that I cannot safely backup iPhoto library to NTFS. And you're probably right about progress not being reported correctly - similar thing happened when backing up to Time Machine.


    Just to correct you on something: I think System Profiler doesn't exist ... I find these info in System Information - is that what you ment?


    I found this somewhere:


    "iPhoto needs to have the Library sitting on disk formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Users with the Library sitting on disks otherwise formatted regularly report issues including, but not limited to, importing, saving edits and sharing the photos."


    thank you again


  • mac_dale Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Guys,


    I don't know if this was already answered in the previous posts but yeah I have to ask again. Don't know where to find the solution in the loooong list of threads.


    I have a newly bought MBP Retina 15 Late 2013 running Mavericks and it doesn't read my external hard drive (Western Digital 750 GB). The drive has been used for my Time Machine Backup in my previous MBP 13 Mid 2010 laptop and it also contains most of my files


    Everytime I use the external HD in the new MBP 15, it runs and the light indicator flashes but the icon does not appear in my desktop. I cannot also find it in the Disk Utility. Well, I also tried using my HD on a Mountain Lion laptop and it reads and is working perfectly fine.


    Is there a way for me to use my HD again as my Time Machine back up in my new laptop or even as a regular hard drive without manually copying the files and reformatting it? And why is this very expensive laptop cannot even read or access my hard drive?


    thanks in advance guys,


  • Drew Reece Level 5 Level 5

    Yep 'System Information', sorry I'm getting set in my ways, thanks for picking it up. That app has been around since at least OS 8 & now Apple feels the need to change it's name?!



    Have you got an Apple document link for that quote? It's something I'd like to see the official word from Apple.


    The quote appears to be used in a few discussions but I can't see any actual Apple guidelines, the closest I can see is …

    iPhoto: Issues with FAT32-formatted drives


    That suggests Apple don't rely on HFS+ only metadata features. The App Store also doesn't mention the filesystem as a requirement either.


    You'd also think that something this important wold be mentioned in Apple's iPhoto backup help… … **insert sound of crickets**…


    You will be best erring on the side of caution, but I'd like to see evidence too

  • davidhq Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I got it from some discussion.... nothing official... I see now that quote is indeed used in different threads.

  • Yuretz Oguretz Level 1 Level 1

    I got the same thing with buffalo drivestation raid system.


    I've made Raid 5-level drive only for itunes library, but ...


    ... once a month file system corrupt and need to be backup and format.


    Downgrade to Mac Os Lion will fix this ?

  • lkrupp Level 5 Level 5

    Yuretz Oguretz wrote:


    I got the same thing with buffalo drivestation raid system.


    I've made Raid 5-level drive only for itunes library, but ...


    ... once a month file system corrupt and need to be backup and format.


    Downgrade to Mac Os Lion will fix this ?



  • Yuretz Oguretz Level 1 Level 1

    Is there solution how to fix it?

  • AKabas Level 1 Level 1

    For those of you waiting for the recovery results of my WD My Book Studio Edition II 6TB RAID 0 which was erased and renamed to MyBook:


    Kroll Ontrack Germany had the drive for two months. No directory structure at all and all files have been renamed. A quick browse shows that many recovered files cannot be read.

  • davidhq Level 1 Level 1

    Just thought of this:


    if I want to backup iPhoto library to the cloud (Amazon Glacier for example) - will it work?

  • Basilic Level 1 Level 1

    Similar experience with Kroll Ontrack France as directed to them free of charge by WD Support : a very bad outcome of 7% (seven) workable files recovered on a RAID0 MacBook Studio II 2TB

    I did the recovery on my own with 2 different cheap tools DiskDrill and DataRescue3 with an impressive 72% (seventy-two) workable files recovered

    Inherent to this issue, no directory structure and file names have been recovered.

  • ankhank Level 1 Level 1

    Any solution yet?  Pointer appreciated if so.  Still seeing oddities under 10.9.2 with external Firewire drives that work fine under 10.4.11 on my old Pismo.


    At the top of the thread I see "RSS Branched to a new discussion." -- but I get a permission denied when I click that link.

  • peter_watt Level 3 Level 3

    You will always get permission denied, I always do.  Don't know what that link is supposed to do, ignore it.


    All solutions have been discussed, but any solution needs to come from WD.  As said many times there is no problem with Mavericks and single external drives provided you do not and never have installed Utility crapware that came on the disk.

  • Yuretz Oguretz Level 1 Level 1

    I i you Mac Os only for iTunes library i can

    install windows by Bootcamp , format external drive to NTFS filesystem and forgot such problems?

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