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Anyone know if it's possible not to update the existing copy of Keynote on your Mac and simply have the two versions run independently. I do this on a PC with Powerpoint. I have 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 all running independently and would like the option to do the same with Keynote after hearing the horror stories of how the new version is a backward step!

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Yes, I have both Keynote 5.3 and 6.0 running on my Mac. I'm not sure why the installer didn't delete Keynote 5.3, but I'm glad it didn't. My only concern is that the problems that I had with 5.3 (such as corrupted presentations) will continue, but it might be worth puttng up with them (I've found workarounds) just to keep using the advanced features of 5.3 that have been removed in 6.0.

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    Thanks for this info Rays56. So, just to be clear you installed v6 from the Update button in Mac App Store and it simply installed an ADDITIONAL version on your Mac and left v5.3 intact?


    So as long as I don't open any of my old presentations in the new version and only create slide decks from scratch using v6 I should be OK, right?

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    @CityStoat: Yes, that's exactly what happened. I didn't set out to leave 5.3 intact, since I didn't anticipate that the new version would have fewer features.  But that's what the installer did. I also suspect that your point about not opening old presentations in v6 is correct, though I haven't verified it yet.

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    I have a similar question. I am buying a new iMac. Will I be able to install my old Keynote and have it work under Mavericks instead of  the new version? The lack of so many features in the new Keynote have me leery of it.




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    Hi Carole


    If you install your old version of Keynote 09 from disc first before 'upgrading' (downloading v6 from the Mac App Store) you should be fine. I have now 'upgraded' all of iWork '09 on my iMac (not yet on the Air until it's fully tested) and all seems to be showing as side by side installs in each case. The new v6 in every case seems to be treated as a seperate programme rather than overwriting the old version.


    Just remember that if you open a Keynote doc in v6 it may well corrupt it from it's original operating state from '09 (v5.3). Particularly important if you make use of a simple double click on a file to auto open it as it defaults to the newer version of the app. So BE CAREFUL!


    Good luck!

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    Thanks. I was under the impression that new iMacs would be shipping with Mavericks and the new iLife and iWork installed. I want to then install my old programs on this. Am I mistaken about this?


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    That, I don't know, I'm afraid. Should definitely ship with Mavericks and iLife as that was the standard spec previously (i.e. latest OS and iLife). It may well be the case that it ships with iWork pre-installed too seeing as it's now free too. (You used to have to check an option at an additional cost to have iWork installed but that's all disappeared).


    I guess you have two options if it comes pre-installed:

    1. Uninstall iWork '13 to install '09 from disc (bearing in mind I think now all new Macs are void of built-in drives) then download the free new one as if you were doing a normal upgrade

    2. Try installing '09 from disc whilst still having '13 on your new Mac. (Guessing there's nothing to lose with this option as you can always revert to option 1!)


    Hope this helps.