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So I diligently update stuff on the ipad and do so tonight with Pages.

Go to have a look at one of my documents and get the following warning that roughly says:

Once you open this document it will be converted and to use it on a Mac you will have to upgrade to Maverick !




Pages and all my associated documents on the iPad are unusable till I upgrade my Mac.


Is there a slim hope of downgrading or export to earlier versions in the iPad version ?


As someone said recently free doesn't always mean inexpensive.

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    I took a while to figure this out after I got into the same mess. The new iWorks is a very bad downgrade. I have deleted Pages 5 from my Mac and gone back to Pages 4.3 (it is still there and was not removed when you updated to Pages 5.)


    I then deleted Pages 2 from my iPad and from iTunes.


    I used TIme Machine to go back to ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications in September and found "Pages 1.7.2.ipa" and brought it forward to my desktop. I then droped it into the iTunes icon in the Dock and it reinstalled.


    Hope this works for you.


    Apple can now take as long as they need to correct all the mistakes they made with the current version of iWorks - I will not be upgrading again until they do.


    Apple - Are you listening?

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    You both ought to post your specific experiences illustrated above to Apple's IOS Pages feedback. It is not as impossible that Apple actually reviews the feedback content — than it is to expect them to respond to the volume of feedback they receive.


    Just be professional and to the point with your factual experience.

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    Apple does not allow Exporting from iPad Pages to Pages '09 format so your only choice is to Export to Word. Up until Pages 5 was launched and Apple removed Pages '09 from the App Store this was not a problem.


    It is hard to believe that Apple hasn't thought this through because there will be users who can not upgrade their Mac to Maverick or like yourself will have good reasons for not wanting to.


    Make sure you rate/review Pages in the iTunes Store.



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    You know, they aren't listening to these posts. They have half or quarter of an ear attuned to their feedback pages. Send feedback: http://www.apple.com/feedback/pages.html  It really is stunning how bad the new iwork is.

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    Best is to review/rate Pages in either iTunes Store or the App Store, out in public.



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    Hi Peter et al


    Rating is one voice in many and the issue is not the app but the business practice.

    It sort of gets worse.

    I figured that the simple thing is to upgrade Pages on my mac.

    Off to the App store only to discover at instal that I need Mavericks to update Pages.


    This to me is new behaviour at Apple and locks me into cascading upgrades.

    I'm sure there are technological arguments for it but I sure didn't see a big flashing sign that said Mavericks Only.

    Oh well. Just a little sad to see the flexibility and backwards compatibility Apple was famous for going out the door a little more.


    (But then we're still doing our web site with Claris Dynamic Markup Language so I suppose I should get with it )



    Kind Regards