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Since mountain lion i was able to sync office 2011 (Outlook) with iCal and Address Book from OS X.


But now, with Mavericks, i config exactly the same, but don´t work, nothing happens.


Can someone advise?

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8 (41,955 points)

    Microsoft will likely have to update their software. Check with them, here:

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    I really doubt that they update, at least in near future...

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    One way around this problem ( though not very elegant) is to EXPORT all addresses from"Contacts/Address book " into a V-Card file and then DRAG the entire file onto the menu bar of outlook under CONTACTS; this way all contacts and groups are imported into Outlook.

    good luck!

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    Well, a have found the problem. Now we cannot have the address book on our Mac, only on iCloud. This reason, outlook cannot sync.


    Is there a way to mavericks let's use both iCloud and MAC address book?

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    I have some problem, anybody has solve it?

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    Are you using Exchange?  Or are the contacts local to Outlook 2011? 


    If exchange, simply set up Contacts to connect to your exchange server or other "cloud" based contacts.  Make sure you disable the sync inside Outlook to avoid duplicates.



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    I use google mail account, not, but my company domain that works with google gmail...

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    Same problem, after searching for quite sometine I found this note. like Sync Services is no longer available in Mavericks.


    So...people who don't have Exchange and can only run Outlook locally are out of luck until/if Microsoft upgrades its client to work with iCloud.


    Nice excecution of planning together with customer best interests in mind Apple and Microsoft !!!



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    SyncServices was deprecated (i.e. will be removed) in Lion. Microsoft had plenty of time to switch to another method, like the open source ones Apple is using, or their own ActiveSync.

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    I don't see if Microsoft did or did not have official notice as being the core issue. If Apple was being proactive here they would have either ensured (and tested) that Microsoft had released a build to address the problem or at least made it clear to customers that if they are depending on SyncServices for this functionality they should reconsider upgrading at this time. I have to believe there are a considerable number of non-Exchange based Macintosh installed licenses out there. Does either of the companies look good using this approach…?

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    That's the way it works. The API developer notifies the developers that depend on the API that certain methods, or the whole thing is deprecated. That means the capability will be removed at some point in the future. It is up to the company using the API to either alter their code or let it break. Microsoft chose to let it break.


    Apple isn't responsible for the functioning of third-party software, nor verifying it will continue to work with their updates. The other developers have access to the updated code for a long time prior to release. Microsoft has known it would break for at least six months and did nothing to fix their software.


    99% of the users would have no idea if they were dependent on SyncServices. Apple doesn't maintain a database of who uses what APIs, nor should they. Microsoft sold you the software with the advertised capability. Your contract is with them.

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    1. Apple has removed sync services in OS X Mavericks. Therefore, you cannot sync Outlook 2011 with Contacts or Calendar.


    2. Apple has removed the ability to sync through iTunes in OS X Mavericks, so that, even if you use Contacts and Calendar on the Mac, you can only sync them with your iPhone through iCloud, thus exposing all your contacts and calendar information to the mercies of the Web.


    3. Microsoft does not not support CalDAV and CardDAV in Outlook, so there is no way to sync directly through iCloud, except perhaps by setting up a Microsoft Exchange account.


    4. Apple makes it extremely difficult (virtually impossible) to revert to a version of OSX that is earlier than OS X Mavericks once Mavericks is installed.


    In short, we are screwed and neither company seems to care.

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    I thought I was the only one having this issue!

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    1 thru 3 are what I said.


    4 isn't true. You can easily erase your drive and restore from your backup.

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