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    Just one man's choice but I migrated to apple Mail. If anyone needs to convert pst or olm files to make the journey, check out pst converter pro and olm converter pro. Lovely products and personal support. No longer am part of the disadvantaged minority: Mac Office 2011 users.

  • des325 Level 1 Level 1

    This is yet another disappointment since buying this MBA 2013.  Weeks of WiFi issues without Apple even admitting the problem - just kept bouncing me around.  Then the sleep issue. Now this breaks my ability to sync.  I don't really care if it is Apple, Microsoft, or whatever.  When this thing is working, I love it.  When it isn't, Apple is pathetic at even acknowledging the problem.  I am very dissapointed.  These corporate giants really just don't give a rat's *** out the user once they have out money.

  • des325 Level 1 Level 1

    sorry for the typos.

  • AlanM56 Level 1 Level 1

    I too would like to know if it's possible to copy or move invitations received into the Inbox - which appear tied to the 'On My Computer' calendar - to the Onmicrosoft calendar? Or force all incoming invitations to hit the latter?





  • des325 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi gojim.  I have also switched over to Apple's Mail program.  Because I use gmail, everything was there and I just went straight to using it.  If I enter new contacts in my G4, it syncs to Gmail and Apple contacts automatically.  I am glad I switched.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it does all that I need.

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    Mac OS X

    Mine works

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    Thanks @RobertRTillman for putting up the excellent instructions.  I have MS Exchange with Comcast so I did not have to sign up with Microsoft @ $4 per month.  Seems to be working well so far for me.  A couple of notes for others that have come upon this post:

    1. When copying your contacts from 'On My Computer' to the 'Exchange Account', select all contacts.  Then right click and select 'Move > Copy to Folder'. Type Contacts, and select your exchange folder.
    2. to move your Calendar items, select the calendar you want to move from. Choose View>List.  Select the calendar items, and then drag them into your exchange folder.  Outlook will not move meetings that have been sent to or from another person.  This is to prevent mistakes in case the appointment is updated. .
    3. In order to ensure that future appointments are created in the exchange folder, Go to Preferences > Sync Services.  Select the exchange folder to sync and then have outlook add new items to the Exchange Folder.
    4. One other nuance that I learned is that calendar selection/appointment creation with multiple calendars is a bit confusing.  Here is a thread that accurately lays out the steps for ensuring that you are creating events/appointments and viewing the proper calendar. utlook-2011-create-appointments-on-the/e22a203d-1349-46b5-acb7-397b0d7d803b?msgI d=705f4504-18e9-4b9f-9004-9be96d9ec48d


    This is the go-to thread for all.  Too bad MS and Apple don't play nice together, but at least the workaround is cheap.

  • gsteelseo Level 1 Level 1

    Uh, oh.  Spoke too soon.  The above solution works only if you are managing a single account.  If you have multiple accounts/calendars, they will not all sync with exchange.  Contacts will synch, calendars will not.  Back to square 1.  Darnit.

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    Good try! Even option 3) in your original mail didn't work for me - incoming invitations still end up in On My Computer and not in Exchange. Or is this the behaviour you're referring to? I do indeed have several POP accounts (but only 1 Exchange). It does beggar belief that MS simply didn't think this out...

  • gsteelseo Level 1 Level 1

    @AlanM56 I thought option 3 was going to be the fix too, but as it turns out the event/appointment that one sends by email can only appear on the calendar of the same account. 


    One of the better features of Outlook, and my reason for using it, was its ability to manage multiple email accounts, multiple contact lists, with multiple calendars.  I have 2 exchange accounts and really would like to be able to see a consolidated calendar synced with my iPhone.  Used to be that we could synch with itunes (at least we could one way).  But that was before Maverick.  Some may recall that the sync services would create duplicate entries of calendar events and really make for a messy calendar.


    So now I have an exchange account that is keeping my contacts tidy, but the calendar sync is still a dissapointment. I, like many, am an independent contractor that maintains several email addresses--one for each of the businesses that I service.  I also have to make appointments for these various businesses.. each with its own email server.  It would be so nice to have a flexible program that could consolidate those appointments and synch them with my phone.

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    You echo my thoughts along with my needs to a tee. I migrated to OSX recently from W7 / Outlook 2010 using iCloud pretty successfully. I never imagined an Apple-based OS would be so horrendously hard to get working with another Apple device!


    Maybe someone else might have an idea of a solution? A third party solution?


    All best



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    This (exporting contacts within the integrated Contacts app in OSX to vcard) worked for me, although I'll have to do it again any time I edit/add/delete any contacts. But for the time being it worked, thank you!

    Just a note for others -

         1) if you have more than one contact to sync, you must select them all, otherwise you will only be transferring the first (or whichever is selected) contact.

         2) you must drag the file onto the actual outlook application in Finder. I attempted to drag it onto Outlook's contact tab several times unsuccessfully, but this did the trick.

    Thanks again - hopefully Microsoft will fix the issue soon.

  • Tom Beardmore Level 1 Level 1

    Frankly, Apple and M$ need to work together to fix this dilemmna. M$ gets tons of money from Mac users, and Apple has a vested interest to allow syncing to their own products.


    I hope that some of Apple's moderators are reading this thread and taking note.

  • kmruhl Level 1 Level 1

    Has Apple and or Microsoft come up with any fixes for this?  Microsoft Exchange is not an option when using personal email services through Google, Yahoo, etc.  I am at the point that I will need to sell my Mac and move back to a Windows machine if this isn't fixed soon.  This falls on Apple as you discountined Sync Services.  If no fix, need this to be brought to the Apple Sr Management team.  The Apple representive in my local store says he gets asked about this issue almost daily.  Come on Apple this is why we pay so much more for your products so we don't run into these issues.

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    If MS want to sell you software to use on a Mac they should attempt to make it compatible with a Macs services, they made Outlook for Windows compatible with iCloud, why not do the same to Outlook for Mac.

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