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  • Luis Junior Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem with the wifi connection since i've updated to ios 7.0.3 on my i4s. Wifi stops alone...I'm upset! :/
    Waitng for a new update.

  • Yohs Level 1 (0 points)

    After a lot of intermittent flaky behavior (choppy settings, no networks found, settings disabled, etc.) eventually the antenna failed completely and the settings greyed out.  Fortunately replaced under warranty.  The Apple Genius claimed not to be aware of issues with the 4S and also suggested updating to 7.0.3 but I can certainly say that the problems happened after 7.0.3. (on a 4S that was only a week old and replaced because of other issues.) Two replacements in a month.... something in 7.0.3 makes the wifi antenna run hot and fail until it fries out.... so will remain on 7.0.2.


    Also my other 4S appears to run fine on 7.0.3 so it's clearly a subset of 4S handsets affected.

  • Arielsam Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys,


    I´ve been through all the issues mentioned in this discussion with my iPhone 4S + 7.0.3


    It started working fine, a couple of days later with some problems to connect to WiFis, then WiFi grayed, then the WiFi switch became available again but was not able to connect to any hotspot and I have just done what someone recommended here, to switch Airplane Mode ON, then connect to a hotspot (succesfully) and then switch Airplane Mode OFF and still having connection with the hotspot.


    This last "state" lasts for a few minutes while I was writting this, because NOW I can´t access the "Setting Menu" (blank screen)


    My point is, obviously this is a software problem and for what I saw, Apple is not taking any action on this.


    Is there a way to formally complaint upon Apple and expect a solution from them?




  • jonnyarch Level 1 (0 points)

    I have similar problems, I have an ipad 2 and iphone 5, both on 7.0.3 and both now regularly drop from the Wifi and that is on all networks I use. Even when the wifi does work the speed is about 1/4 of what I was getting before, from 7-8Mbps down to a maximum of 2Mbps.( at home I can still get 8Mbps on a wireless PC and on my PS3 so the broadband and router is fine and not been changed) I have tried all advice I have found, rebooting the routers I am able to,  forget network and re join, resetting network settings, finally tried a full restore as new device, nothing has improved the wifi performance.  Interestingly the wifi seems to stay connected longer if just browsing, listening to Radio or other fairly low bandwidth tasks, however if I ask either device to play streaming video then the wifi almost always disconnects after 5 minutes and takes 2 minutes to reconnect,  even then it is too slow to watch video most of the time where previously I could watch netflix for example for hours on end without issue.

    I also tested my Girlfriend's iphone 5 with the same results, a previously excellent broadband connection can now only manage 2Mbps with the iphone 5 yet BT streaming Tv is unaffected and my PS3 was also able to reach 8Mbps  on her network whilst both of our phones can only reach 2Mbps.

    Please  fix this issue Apple, it is a real problem,  especially when 4 yr old play station is more reliable than a 1 yr old very expensive phone.

  • beckdbeck Level 1 (0 points)

    I too had a problem with not being able to connect to my home WiFi.  On the advice of Lawrence Fish, I rebooted my router and connectivity was restored.  Thanks you Lawrence.  If I experience the same issue with other networks, I shall try resetting Network Settings.

  • Denny Claussen Level 1 (0 points)

    After reading all of this thread, my situation is a bit different.  My wife and I both have the iPhone 4s.  Mine has IOS 7.0.3 and hers is still running IOS 6.  Our home wifi works perfectly on both phones.  Tonight, we went out to a restaurant that has wifi and I could not connect.  Her phone connected immediately.  I tried resetting Network connections, airplane mode and trying again and nothing I could do would get my phone connected.  It has to be an issue with IOS 7.  That's the only difference.  Anyway, returned home, plugged in my password for our home wifi and it works fine at least at home.  Waiting for the next update with hopes of a fix.

  • acesinica Level 2 (155 points)

    To Denny,


    Of all the restaurants having free wifi, that I've been to, they're setup so that the user has to click on an "agree" button before allowing connection.


    I've encountered different variations (I'm on iP5 ios7.0.3):


    Click on wifi entry, and it'll automatically go into a page that I'm not sure if it's Safari or not, but it can display a web page, and needs a click on agreeing to the terms of their business establishment. Then the wifi join will complete.


    Sometimes I don't see this happen, and I'd just stare at the spinning circle, unable to join. But now if I open up a browser page and type in any URL, it'll take me to that login page, I'd click on agree, and then the wifi join completes.


    If I still can't join, I'd click on the i in the blue circle, get into that wifi entry, then click on "Forget this Network". There may this chance that the restaurant's SSID is using a bland id, such as "NETGEAR", and you may already have such an entry on your phone, but your existing SSID=NETGEAR might be setup for different parameters.


    "Reset-Network-Connections" is supposed to clear out all previous settings, but who knows? Apple's wifi can be just finicky at times.


    That's my 2 cents. Best regards.

  • Orcanite Level 1 (0 points)

    Original post:

    "I have similar situation.  Updated our iphone 5 to version 7.0.3.  Now, the phone's Wifi no longer works.  It shows it's connected to wifi, but can access nothing.  I have ipad 3 on the same network which has also been updated to 7.0.3 -- and it accesses wifi OK.  I have tried forgetting and re-establishing network, doing a reset network settings on phone, resetting my router -- in various order.  Nothing changes phone's inability to access wifi.  The phone can access 3G.  Not sure what else to do..."



    Over the course of a few days, wifi started working intermittently, then consistently.  Doesn't make particular sense.  No explanation, but happy it's functional now...

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,045 points)

    It does not have to be an issue with iOS 7. There are many different variables that can affect WiFi connections. If you wait for the next release it may or may not fix it, and even if it does this does not mean it was a problem with iOS 7. If you have been to this restaurant before you updated its likely that the restaurant's router recognized your phone as not needing an IP address because its lease had not expired, and didn't assign one. However, the phone may think it needs a new IP address, because the update cleared the previous one. To fix this go to Settings/WiFi and tap on the "i" next to the network name and tap Renew Lease.


    It's also possible you weren't prompted to log in to the restaurant's network. See acesinica's advice for fixing this.

  • Denny Claussen Level 1 (0 points)

    Lawrence and Acesinica - Thank you for your advice.  I saw the setting about renewing the lease, but until now really didn't understand it.  I will certainly give that a try.  Lawrence - your expertise is really appreciated here.  My phone did just like acesinica sees the restaurant and the spinning circle just keeps spinning.  I do know that this restaurant just got wifi and although I've patronized this place many times, I don't think I've had a connection to their wifi with my phone before.  I do remember trying one other time and got the same spinning circle and just thought someone was maybe overloading their bandwidth and left it go at that.  In any case, I'll follow up with a reply after trying the suggestions offered.  Thank you both again.

  • mojmir4 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same problem. It has all started after updating on 7.0.3. Wifi button is greyed out. Tried to reset but nothing worked. Dont know how to fix it...

  • rawmerow Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 5 and iPad 2 are having the same issues described here. Things to note, I updated my iPhone to 7.0.3 FIRST and started noticing some connectivity issues. It would drop the wifi signal at home periodically. I thought it was annoying but didn't think much of it (I blamed my router first.) Throughout those few days, my iPad was still on the previous update and HAD NO issues whatsoever.


    A few days ago, I updated my iPad and sure enough after the update, the issues started happening on the iPad as well. It just drops the wifi for about 20 minutes to an hour and then comes back by itself on both updated items...  I know it can't possibly be the router because my GF's iPhone 5 does not have any issues and neither do any of our laptops which is how I've been researching what to do.


    I did a restore (from laptop AND from iCloud...) and then backed up my phone from the previous backup and it still keeps happening. I did a total restore as a new iPhone and so far the iPhone has been holding up with no issues. I haven't done anything with the iPad yet as I'm trying to avoid having to do a total blank factory default restore because I don't want to have to manually download all the apps and things I have on them...  I'll update later and let y'all know if a complete restore does the job on the iPhone...

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,045 points)

    Have you rebooted the router? It CAN be the router, but the explanation is complicated and I've repeated it several times in the past week and I'm tired of explaining. However, several people in a similar situation reported that rebooting the router fixed their problem.

  • rawmerow Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll try that too. I guess I didn't at first since EVERYTHING else was working fine including my GF's iPhone 5... but yeah I'll definitely try that. Thanks!

  • rawmerow Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll update y'all tomorrow or Monday, let you know what's up. Thanks again.

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