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  • juicybananas Level 1 Level 1

    BTW I just did a restore iphone from iTunes and I am in the process of restoring my backup (copying apps and music). I've already gotten a message from someone that appeared on both my phone and laptop. So looks like it worked.

  • SJR86 Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like I fixed my phone now. After installing, uninstalling and reinstalling earlier (which I didn't think had solved the problem) I switched phone off and back on. When it came back on I was prompted to put password in to log into iCloud. Once I did that I could then turn iMessages back on.

  • Karpatri Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same exact problem with my iPhone 4. I fixed it by putting my phone in restore mode and then kicking it back out of it. I mention 2 ways. The 1st one is something I think should work because it is based around the same concept. The 2nd method is what I used and is a bit more risky but thats the one I used.


    1st method (can't confirm that this works but it just might)

    The hard reboot. this is done by holding the HOME and POWER button at the same time until the screen goes blank. Then turn it on again using just the POWER button. This will take a while to turn on so don't panic just have some patience.


    2nd method (the one I used)

    This is how to do it.

    BACK UP before attempting this. The restore mode I used is a kind of a bootable mode which is reversable (not sure if it works on other phone, so IPHONE 4 PEOPLE ONLY).


    Turn the phone off the normal way. After it is turned off, hold the HOME button and connect the USB. Continue holding the HOME button until connect to itunes logo on the phone shows up and itunes will pop up saying "a device in restore mode..".


    Dissconnect the USB. Now hold the POWER button until the phone turns off (it will after 10 seconds or so). Now turn it on again using the POWER button. It might take a while to turn on(don't panic, have patience). With any luck all the notifications should work and you should be able to sign in into imessage and facetime.

  • egidiom Level 1 Level 1

    None of the suggestions in this thread have resolved my problem that I think is limited to iPhone4. I've been in an Apple Store yesterday and I met some other people having exactly the same problem on their iPhone4. The Geniuses at the Store were not able to resolve it also.

    I hope in an early update by Apple.

  • Brad Thomas Level 1 Level 1

    As of last night, I was finally able to fix my problem with not being able to send iMessages...

    I followed all of the tips and tricks I could find, but as it turns out, it was Facetime that was holding me back.

    Following the same idea as Messages (ie; turn iMessage off, reboot, and on again), I checked Facetime...


    Both Messages and Facetime should list TWO contacts with checkmarks... your phone number AND your apple id email. My Facetime only had my email listed. Turned it off, waited a minute, turned it on, waited for activation, and bamm! Registered both contacts and now everything works. Hope it does for you as well.

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    Thank you so much Brad! This has solved my problem, and I can now use iMessage & Facetime on my iPhone4. Previously, I'd gone from one forum to another for an hour, looking for a solution and trying out other suggestions. So glad I found YOUR message


    My husband, who updated his iPhone 4 to iOS7.0.3 at the same time as me, didn't get this bug. Strange!

  • petenyce405 Level 1 Level 1

    I lost face time when I upgraded to ios 7.03.


    It does not appear in settings and the icon is gone?


    iPhone 5


    Fustrating as there is no help.


    Any suggestions?

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    Thanks Brad!  That worked! 

  • Darkwing_NZ Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks brad!!!!!  Thought that was a long shot but it worked. You rock

  • MrEBE Level 1 Level 1

    Same here!


    Please bring back Steve.. !!

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    I had this problem plus could not turn off "Find My Phone". Both of them got fixed by turning ON iMessage

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    I'm having issues with both iMessage and txt messages after 7.0.3 update on iPhone 5.  No messages are coming in, and other users are not receiving my messages...txts or iMessages.

  • arobert74 Level 1 Level 1


    I had similar problem also (in addition to my 2 above problems) where I saw some iphone users were receiving my texts but I was not receiving theres. I had iMessage disabled. Once I enabled it then everything worked. But I had hard time to enable iMessage. So what I would do here is turn on/off iMessage and turn on/off Find My Phone. Reboot between each setting changes and make sure you able to switch on/off for those. Then try again. Hope this helps.

  • cherrydanish Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks @Rooki,

    Your quick fix worked for me! 

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    @Brad Thomas - yes, turning it off and on did the trick to get the "connect to itunes to use push notifications" out!!! i also now get notifications on my Good App which is what i was missing.


    Thanks again!