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I have a ongoing group text with 2 other students with samsungs.  I can send group texts and they confirm they receive them.  However, they cannot send group texts to me.  I have tried resetting the network settings and every combination of on off with messaging settings.   I've had no problem with iOS 7 until 7.02, and not even right away.  It just randomly stopped allowing me to receive group texts.  I then updated to 7.0.3 with no resolution of the problem. 


Summary:  There is still a problem with group messaging.  Does anyone have this problem with an iPhone 4 or other models?  Is it with non iPhones or are people having this problem with iPhones also?

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.3
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    I'm on the iphone 4s and started experiencing similar problems after updating to 7.03. I can group iMessage to other iphone users with no problem. The problem exist when I include a non-iphone user, ie Android, into the group. Everyone (iphone & andriod) receives my txt but when they reply back, I don't receive any txt at all (including txt from the iphone users). They'll think I'm receiving but just not replying until someone calls me. Everything works as expected when I individually txt people (iMessage & SMS) on either iphone or android platforms.


    I believe this problem exist on an individual basis and not on a mass scale - at least not yet.

    In one of my research, a friend (iphone 4s on Verizon) sent a group SMS to me (iphone 4s on AT&T) and one other person (android on AT&T). The sender, on Verizon, was able to recieve and reply back to the android user as expected, whereas I did not receive anything, not even the initial SMS message.

    This led me to think maybe its an AT&T issue, so I started a new group SMS to an iphone 4 user who's on AT&T and an android user also on AT&T. They both got my initial txt. They were able to send and recieve to the group with no problem. I on the other hand, did not get any txt back from the group after my inital message. It seems like when I'm going through SMS instead of iMessage during a group txt, I can send but can not receive. This really mess up all the group SMS alerts I usually receive during the day.


    I have relaunched iMessage and reset my Network settings and still the problem exist. My next option is to reset the phone, which I'm not looking forward to.

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    Have you heard anything about this?  I reset my network after turning everything off (iMessage, group, and MMS) and I also reset/cleared my whole phone.  I still am not able to send or receive Group Messages.

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    Hey guys,


    My group messaging randomly started working.  All the texts that I had from the group just popped up on my phone.  So about 60 messages, some with pictures.  I'm not sure what the problem was, I had tried all the network setting restarts etc.   Not sure if the problem was with AT&T or the OS, or maybe a combo (though that's less likely). 


    Hopefully this doesn't happen again. 

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    Unfortunately, mine still isn't working.  After two system resets and multiple network resets.  I even deleted my friends from my phone and readded them as new contacts.  I really don't understand what is going on.  =(

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    Ever since I updated to ios 7.0.3 I haven't been able to send mms to people who don't have iPhones. iMessage works fine with everything just non iphone users it doesn't work. Been like this since I woke up this morning I've done resets of the network and hard shutdowns and nothing, I'm thinking it's on att side bc it won't send it through but I'm not completely sure.

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    My problem is specifically with Group texts.  I am not having any problems with iMessage to other iPhone users, SMS to other iPhone users who have iMessage disabled, or SMS to non-iPhone users.

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    mine is doing the exact same thing, I've been trying to send MMS to people without iMessage all day and it won't let me, yesterday it was working fine and when I updated my phone to iOS 7.0.3 it won't let me send them, I've done just about everything and it still isn't working.

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    Happy New Year.  It's not 2014 and this problem is still existing for me.  I used to have an iPhone and switched back to an Android (don't ask why) why my family and many of my friends have iPhones.  Some of them can SMS we just fine.  Some can only send SMS and not MMS.  Group messages are hit and miss.  I use my phone for work which means I have to be able to receive messages from any platform (not just Apple).


    Hey Steve Cook - please beat on your tech folks and resolve this issue.  It's not a 100% Apple world yet.



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    Hi, I am having this problem with iphone 5c.....it is very frustrating and causing some issues. My friends of 4 don't seem to have this problem. Any ideas how to solve?

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    i have been experiencing the same problem after the update, so looked up the topic on google and came to your thread.

    After some random hit and trials I solved my problem, i wasn't able to send group SMS, this is what worked for me.

    I disabled my iMessage and again enabled it then disabled the MMS option and voila !

    problem solved


    hope this would help !