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    Hey guys, I was having the same issue but i have found a FIX.  After a lot of resetting, restoring, searching forums etc I was ready to try anything. I read somewhere that the issue could be related to heat management in iOS 7.  Here's where the crazy part comes in. I put the phone in my freezer. After 1 hour the bluetooth began working. After another 2 hours the wifi turned on.  I have absolutley no idea why this worked because clearly this is a software issue with 7.0.3.  I know this goes against every troubleshooting technique.  But at least for now it's working.  Would love to know if this fix works for anyone else.  GOOD LUCK

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    I am not willing to put my 4s in a freezer or heat it with a blow dryer. I had no problems with the hardware in my phone whatsoever until I updated to ios 7.03. Now my phone cannot find my home wifi network unless I shut down the phone  unplug the modem for a minute then pluf the modem back in, and only restart my phone after the modem has reset will it suddenly (and usually rather briefly find my wifi network. Any and all of the following things can cause my ohine to  again lose the wifi connection and be unable to connect t the network again:

    1. Leaving the house and dsconnecting from the wifi network (on my return, the ohone can no longer locate it and I have to retart the modem yet again). 2. Listening to a voicemail or sending and receiving text messages. 3. The passage of time. My phone cannot stay connected for a full 24 hours. I tired a lot of the ret fixes suggested, all of which bring back the wifi for a very limited period of time. My 4s is more than 12 months old, but as others have ponted out without connecting to wifi it is  basically a nuseless phone. Going to the Geius bar later and hoping fr the best...

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    On the pathological way Apple deals with its customers th-its-customers

    Hello APPLE. Im still have problems with Greyout Wifi on 4s?

    Want to come out of the closet and speak the truth? I have no warranty! I bought from a friend so this friend could buy a iphone 5. But now your OS systems crashes and destorys wifi? Seriously?

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    Same issue here. Bought my phone and wifes at the same time. Hers has no issues. On mine, the wifi has not worked properly since "upgrading" to 7.0.3.

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    The strangest thing happened today.  After no wifi for almost 2 months, I was at the public library and all of a sudden my phone "recognized" a wifi source and I was able to join it.  This was after I pulled up email to check.  I rushed home and my phone now connects to the home wifi and appears to be working just fine for the time being.  Fingers crossed and hoping it will resolve itself for all others with the same issues.  An apple Christmas miracle perhaps?

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    I've read through your posts on this thread and my 4s is having the SAME EXACT issue. Wifi is not greyed out, it's just not finding a network. I think mine started immediately after running the latest ios update.


    I'm just curious if your wifi is still back to normal. Also, was the phone in the cold for any period of time before it started seeing networks again? I'm trying to talk myself out of the freezer idea above...

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    It WAS working fine for about 2 weeks, then yesterday stopped working, no wifi found at all.  I have not updated anything or messed with any settings since it started working again about 2 weeks ago.  It quit working yesterday after I tried to connect to a public wifi.  Hoping that it will find wifi again soon.  Good luck Kannon.  

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    The COLD thing works!  I left my phone in car overnight and temps got down to around freezing.  Lo and behold, wifi capability has returned and working for now.  For how long I don't know. 

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    I have to agree with sashagof.  I think that my phone has been running hot since the last upgrade.  The volume is not working right either.  Anyhow, I think I will shove it in the refrigerator overnight and see how it goes!  It's been connecting intermittently the last few weeks, and I've noticed it's hotter now too. 


    I like a lot of the apps that come with the iPhone, but I am unwilling to make all the crazy changes in charging cords and connections by having to upgrade.  As another writer stated-Goodbye Apple, hello Android! 


    I just need to sort out when my upgrade time frame is.




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    I finally broke down and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours and it WORKED... my phone started recognizing my wifi network after 2 straight weeks of not doing so. It WORKED... for about 15 minutes and now it's back to not seeing any network. But I think we've collectively confirmed that the latest ios update is causing HARDWARE issues... in causing the antenae to run too hot. Way to go guys. I'm probably naive in doing so but I'm going to call Apple care and see what they are willing to do for me... I'm perfectly willing to abandon Apple.



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    I think there is a potentially emerging market here for portable refrigeration units; I'm going to call mine the Personal iPhone Refrigeration Pal or PiRP for short.  Just clip it on the side of your phone - weight is a negligible 10 lbs; they say weight bearing exercises are important, so it is a bonus feature at no additional charge.


    In all seriousness, I haven't noticed any increases in thermal output from any of my devices with iOS 7; just an annoying inability for some of them to connect to WPA2 protected networks.  I couldn't imagine having to put my phone in a freezer just to get the wifi to work. 


    What is so frustrating about all of this is, as mentioned above, it seems an OS update is causing hardware issues.  It's so annoying that my phone was running great on iOS 6 but a simple upgrade to 7 has crippled it in terms of wifi flexibility.  My iPad also resets itself about once or twice a week, particularly when using the iTunes or App Store apps, which rarely ever happened under iOS 6.


    Ah well, good luck with calling Apple.

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    They could engineer an otter box with a gel pack to keep it cold. So far my wifi continues to work since being in the cold last night.

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    Ah well, a one hour stint in the freezer and ba-da-boom!  It works as promised!  I like the Otter Box Gel Pack Idea.  Sadly, when I tucked it into the freezer it had a full charge.  When I pulled it out, it was in need of a re-charge. 


    I ordered a Windows Phone from Sprint today.  See you later Apple products. 


    My iPod crapped out on me too this year, and because I want something with a USB connection instead of re-investing in all Apple products, I will be looking around for a decent music device as well. 


    Merry Christmas!



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    How long does your wifi work after a stint in freezer? Mine last about a day.


    Why does battery drain to empty when in freezer?


    Great phone for Eskimos.

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    Because the battery's specs say it must be warmer than freezing. Any phone that has a Lithium chemistry battery will have the same characteristic.