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Good Evening


Since I updated mine and my partners iPhones to IOS 7 I am unable to open 'mime-attachment.ics' files.


I receive these when a colleague sends me an appointment they have added to my/our Outlook Calendar.


If you email the message back to yourself it then lets you add them. This is a pain when you have lots of appointments though.


Can anybody explain how to resolve this issue?





iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.3
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    Here's a workaround that's worked very well for me, which is based on the fact that the gmail app can handle outlook invites:


    1. Create a rule that sends a copy of all invitation requests to your gmail account


    2. Generate a link to your gmail calendar to be used for sharing


    3. Use that link to add a calendar to your iCloud account, which will sync with your gmail calendar


    4. Open your calendar invite from the gmail app. When you accept the invite it will notify the sender, the event will be added to your gmail calendar and then automatically be added to your IOS calendar.


    Once setup properly it works very smoothly. Hope that helps.