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There is only one big win that's making me stick to Chrome over Safari: The zoom.


In Chrome when you zoom in a page (With Cmd +) the zoom level is stored in the cookies, or the history, or somwhere, and it stays the same level when you open again that page in another tab or if you close and open again Chrome. This simple feature makes it tremendously comfortable to navigate in big and wide screens.


This feature by itself is going to keep me using Chrome instead of Safari with all the new fancy and cool stuff they added in the new Safari 7. And yes, there is a "Trick" by using a .css style sheet customed to make a default zoom in all pages, but it's not good enough because some pages need different level of zoom.


So please, someone, make Apple correct this issue. It should't be complicated, it's as simple as that Safari remembers the latest zoom level you left in a web.

Because I believe that if people are leaving Safari behind is because it lacks this simple tools that make life much easier. And I believe it's in Apples philosphy to make technology to help people, isn't it?

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