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Where is Desktop pictures folder on Mavericks, and what happened to Snow Leopard's desktop pictures after upgrade to Mavericks?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    What happened to Snow Leopard's desktop pictures after upgrade to Mavericks?


    New OS X versions sometimes comes with new OS X default desktop pictures.


    I'm sure you can find them on the Internet or better ones here and elsewhere




    Your personal desktop pictures should be still of course in your iPhoto and Pictures folder you might have to retarget them again in System Preferences.



    If you can't find the pictures, you can install Snow Leopard onto a external drive and boot the computer and get them, or find out where they are located and just copy them.

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    Appreciate the suggestion. My question is where on the hdd is the default desktop pictures folder (with Apple's desktop pictures) stored. In previous OS X..., it,s accessible in the library folder but cannot be found in Mavericks. I would like to add other wallpapers to the selection.

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    The Desktop pictures folder in Mavericks is in fact incredibly easy and intuitive to find: /Library/Desktop Pictures/ !

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    where is library? I have just had MAverick installed on my 2009 imac and Finder is quite different

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    You get to the Library by clicking on your desktop then on Go on the top menu bar.  Hold down the Alt key and Library will appear but on my iMac running Mavericks, Desktop Pictures isn't there. 

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    Correction to my last, it's hidden.  To go directly there click on your destop.  Then use the keyboard shortcut, Shift, Cmd +G and type this into the field Library/Desktop Pictures/ and it will take you directly there.

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    All of these answers are not very direct...


    Even if you figured out where it was by now, here is how anyone else who doesn't know can find those folders in their Finder:

         > Finder

              -- Click on the top of screen on "Finder" then click on "Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

         >Click on the "Sidebar" tab at the top.

              -- You'll get a rundown of everything that the finder can show, and from there you set preference as to what the Finder does and does not bring up in your window.



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    Under Finder Preferences, you can use the New Finder windows show: dropdown to have your Macintosh HD show up in Finder and then you will easily be able to find Desktop Pictures.  I put all the pics I like under Nature and then select Nature so that my Mac rotates between them all. 


    Love love love the new screen saver options.

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    I am facing this issue too. What he means is that under finder, there used to be a 'Pictures" folder that is located on the left hand panel under favourites. After updating to mavericks, this folder is not longer there. However, to access this pictures folder one would need to use spotlight to search for it. Is there any way we can have the 'Pictures" folder placed in the panel.

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    Guys, I think I managed to figure out my own question. What you need to do is to:

    Go to your main macintosh HD

    Head to your user account

    Drag your pictures folder to the side bar.


    Ta Daa.....

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    Donor3, that was easily the best answer to this question - it was so easy, thank you!

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    omg! thanks so much!!! 

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    Best answer. Thank you.

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    Wow, it also works with OS X Yosemite!

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