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I bought a MacBook Pro off Amazon for my wife after getting fed up of so many computer failures (she went through 3 computers in 1 year). I got the computer only to realize that the previous owner left some apps on it that are covered by his Apple ID. I installed Mavericks last night on it, but then I can't upgrade some of the apps. I am wondering if I do a clean install of Mavericks if that would allow me to fully have control of all the apps? My main question is, would I get the iLife apps? I have my other apps ok, that would allow me to install what she needs.


I need to know if this would work. Can you say if that is the case? Will I get the iLife apps when I do this?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 4Gb, 128Gb SSD
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    Yes, the previous owner should have wiped the drive and installed the original OS  it shipped with. It is still tied to his Apple ID. If it shipped with Lion or ML, then you can do an erase and Internet Recovery. If 10.6.x or earlier then you need the original install disks. If you don't have them call Apple, give them the serial number and they will ship them at a nominal charge.


    Yes, iLife should be part of the original OS.

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    It shipped with Lion, I upgraded it to Mountain Lion, and it actually worked fine. I then upgraded to Mavericks, but with the new advances with some of the apps, I can't upgrade them. I want to have full control of all the apps, so I just need to know that the iLife apps will work, or will be there, once I do a clean install.


    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated on the issue.

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