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Can anyone reproduce this or having the same issue and found a solution yet.

I updated to 4.3 (Same issue with 4.2)and still wasn't able to shutdown my VM or Mac afterwards


Steps to Recreate My Issue

1) Update to 4.3

2) Have at least 2 VM's (i.e. XP, and Windows 7)

3) Open both VM's

4) Try to shutdown the 1st VM you opened by clicking the red x


expected results - VM Shutsdown and icon removes from Dock

actual results - VM Shutsdown but the icon is still in the Docking station, Force Quit and Activity Monitor cant remove it the user is also unable to shutdown his Mac without doing a manual shutdown by holding the power button. After manually shutting down n bringing it back the user is back at square 1 with the host-only adapter not available.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9), VirtrualBox