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I have a 2012 i7 Macbook 13 inch, and a 2012 (3rd Gen?) (it's brand new) 1080/WIFI/HDMI Apple TV. I have set up the ATV and updated all of the software. It is connected to my WIFI, which is fast and stable.  then:


-I started home sharing on my ATV/Itunes. My movies AND music show up on the ATV in the "Computer" section. I can select both movies and music, and all the media information comes up on the ATV.


-When I play music on ATV, the MUSIC loads and plays VERY SLOW and CHOPPY.


-When I play MOVIES on the ATV thru Itunes, they usually do NOT even load. The ATV tries to load the movies, but the spinning wheel (of death) is usually all I see. Sometimes, a movie will look like it is going to load, and play, but the it just sits on one frame of the movie. That is as far as it goes. The movie freezes but ironically neither the ATV or MACbook are freezing.


-AIRPLAY will mirror my desktop onto the TV, but that is as far as it will go also. The mouse will not even move on the TV. It basically just shows a frozen display of the screen


-I was using Moutain Lion when i first tried to get this to work, but i have since updated to Maverick, hoping that would fix things. It hasn't. NOTHING has changed. My iTunes is up to date. ATV software is up to date.


-It seems like this would be a problem with the network or the internet, except here is the strange thing:


-I can use my i7 HP PC to stream movies/music thru iTunes FLAWLESSLY. The movies and music inside of iTunes on the HP stream PERFECTLY thru the ATV.


This is really FRUSTRATING. I went out and got this new Macbook, and decided to use all MAC, since I love my iPhone and iPad.. and everyone always tells me how much better the OS on Macs are.. well, I'm not too impressed right now. I would expect ALOT more plug and play. I am very good with computers, albeit mainly PCs, but this should be alot easier to work. I really hope I am doing something really stupid, and someone knows a quick fix. I have searched the forums and don't see anything that was resolved from similar hardware situations. I don't get it.. Totally stuck... Could really use some help.. Trying to be a converted believer in the ways of MAC, so far, not going so good. It's been a serious headache.


Wondering why I even bought ATV right about now? I could have easily just plugged my HDMI cord into EITHER MAC/PC laptop, and accessed ALL the same things.. no remote I guess... but so far it's totally not worth the headache. PLEASE HELP

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    OK! I figured something out.. I got my MAC to start streaming movies and music finally!!!! It turns out that I need to shut off the WIFI on the PC that I am also homesharing thru iTunes on. I set both the PC and MACBOOK to homeshare their respective iTUNES, and they both simutaneously show up on the ATV. BUT... if I have them both running WIFI at the same time, while both signed into homeshare in iTunes, only the PC's streaming works correctly. (see above post for more detail of FAILURE) SO WEIRD. The MAC shows up stil on the ATV, but BOGGS down or fails to load files completely. As soon as I turn off WIFI on the PC, Mac streams perfectly thru the COMPUTER folder on the ATV..




    Can ANYONE please tell me how to use both PC and MAC on the ATV without shutting off one or the other? Or is that not possible? I guess it doesn't really matter, since I can only stream one thing at a time to the ATV . I like to keep both computer's WIFI running at the same time (downloading files in background), but I guess I can just shut off home sharing on the PC when I am using the MAC, and vice versa. Glad to know they both work thru the ATV. Haven't tried to use the mirrored display on the MAC yet.. gonna stick to watching movies thru the ATV's computer folder with my iTunes movie playlist for now. No need to frustrate myself anymore. Just gonna enjoy some technology for a minute.


    I guess I have answered my own question.


    Pretty surprised I didn't get even one response in 24 hours to my original post. This is my first time using any forum for TECH support.

    I thought this post made sense, but maybe it's a bunch of jibberish. Or maybe people saw the word "PC" and didn't want anything to do with this post.


    Truth is, the iTunes on my PC worked flawlessly with my ATV, right out the box, whereas the MAC was a little work to get going. Also, it (MACBOOK) loads content slower than the PC on the ATV. They are both i7 processors with 8 gigs of ram.  I still have yet to find something on this MAC that I can't do just as easily on a PC for a third the cost. I love the way the Apple stuff looks, and there are some cool things that MAC has gotten right (love the trackpad).. I love my iPhone, iPad, and now my ATV.. but my PC is still givin this MACBOOK a run for it's money. Just sayin.

    Hopefully this post can help someone if they are in a similar position: in a household that uses both MAC/PC and shares one Apple TV.  Like I said, this seems to be working now. Fingers crossed. If anything changes I will be sure to talk about it.