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So, I have a photo in my photostream and on my iphone - in iPhoto '11 9.5 (902.7) running on Mavericks 10.9 (13A598) I select that photo and then try to share it to my Facebook account, which IS set up correctly in iPhoto.  All I get is the annoying "clunk" sound.  In iphoto, it shows the correct date the photo was taken, along with the correct location the photo was taken.  But iPhoto won't share to Facebook from the iCloud photostream.


I would share the photo from my iPhone (iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.3), but apparently the Photo app on iOS is too simplistic to pull the location data from the photo and fill out the location data, and will only let me enter things near my current location, which is idiotic when the phone and iOS itself created a photo with embedded location data.


Am I doing somthing wrong here?  Is it even possible to share from the Photostream to Facebook in the latest version of iPhoto?  Why doesn't the Photo app on the iPhone use the location data that it (the iPhone camera app) put there in the first place?  Or am I simply expecting too much from Apple products and software?

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