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Recently (within the past couple months) my 2010 MacBook Pro has started to take rather long to go to sleep when shuting the lid – between 35 and 40 seconds each time.  It used to take just a few seconds to see the light flashing before a couple months ago.  I ran the "pmset -g log" and this is what it came up with:


10/24/13, 10:14:56 PM ED Sleep                         Clamshell Sleep: Using AC (Charge:95%)                                                        

10/24/13, 10:15:00 PM ED SlowResponse                  PMConnection: Response from com.apple.apsd is slow (powercaps:0x0)                             4012 ms   

10/24/13, 10:15:00 PM ED WakeRequests                  Clients requested wake events: None                                                           

10/25/13, 8:14:43 AM EDT                               Summary- [System: DeclUser kDisp] Using Batt                                                  

10/25/13, 8:14:50 AM EDT Wake                          Wake [CDNVA] due to EC LID0/HID Activity: Using BATT (Charge:99%)                             

10/25/13, 8:14:50 AM EDT SlowResponse                  Kernel: Response from powerd is slow (powercaps:0x0)                                           4029 ms   

10/25/13, 8:15:22 AM EDT Assertions                    PID 3747(AddressBookSour) Released PreventUserIdleSystemSleep "Address Book Source Sync" 00:00:32  id:0x1000005c4 [System: DeclUser PushSrvc kCPU kDisp]                   

10/25/13, 8:15:22 AM EDT Assertions                    PID 169(UserEventAgent) Released BackgroundTask "com.apple.AddressBook.ScheduledSync" 00:00:32  id:0xc000005c5 [System: DeclUser PushSrvc kCPU kDisp]


Any ideas?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9), 250GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 2.4 Core 2 Duo