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  • Chris "evilhomer" Sanderson Level 1 Level 1

    gabry21 I'd say that does look like a slightly different issue in that most are talking about the system going very very slowly or slightly different issues such as a complete crash with system not responding which is slightly different to what many rMBP 13" users are suffering.


    That being said I don't believe anything anyone says regardless of being Apple or not.  Until we see something that fixes it everything else is mere speculation.


    Some people with experience have suggested some possible causes that sound very sensible and lean towards software or firmware. 


    Some senior apple tech people still say they've never heard of it before including the guy that dealt with my return.


    I reiterate my point from early:


    If you are unhappy with the current situation return it, grab a refund and you've lost nothing, once an official update is shown whether software or hardware, go grab another.


    If you are happy to wait and happy to have a repair if it does (unlikely) turn out to be hardware then keep it.  People have offered workarounds that will do for now.

  • jtice Level 1 Level 1

    [quote]Can you elaborate on where, when and who announced that the 13" rMBP model was updated on the 1st of November??[/quote]


    It was announced in the keynote address on October 22nd. They said it was available the same day but the guy at the store (university store, not Apple store) said it became available Nov 1 in Apple stores. These are Haswell Gen 4 models, but I don't know if that distinguishes them from the previous version.


    Here is the link to the keynote. Skip forward to 25:15 for 13" MBP announcement.

  • Alec Myrddyn Level 1 Level 1

    jtice wrote:


    It was announced in the keynote address on October 22nd. They said it was available the same day but the guy at the store (university store, not Apple store) said it became available Nov 1 in Apple stores. These are Haswell Gen 4 models, but I don't know if that distinguishes them from the previous version.


    Here is the link to the keynote. Skip forward to 25:15 for 13" MBP announcement.


    The Haswell Retina MacBook Pros were available the day after the announcement in some Apple stores. The November 1st day you may be remembering could have been for the iPad Air. Non-Apple stores, like your university or Best Buy got them later, which is another place you seem to be getting November 1st from. It sounded like you were saying you had heard there was a redesign of the rMBP between launch and November 1st, which is why you were asked to clarify.

  • madevo400 Level 1 Level 1

    I got my new haswell 13 inch pro last week after waiting for almost a year for this model to come out.


    Have had the keyboard trackpad freeze happen twice now. Not happy to say the least. This is simply not acceptable for a laptop costing more than double what others with similar spec cost.


    Apple have agreed to send me a new one, whilst at the same time picking up my old one. They were not clear at all on the phone regarding the procedure. The girl on the phone did not have a clue. However I have received my tracking number for the new one. It is coming direct from China whereas my first one came from my own country.


    What does this mean? Could the stock they hold nationwide here be discountinued for sale? And they are only shipping new orders out from China because something has changed in the manufacturing proccess and or parts?


    I am very dissapointed to learn that the general consensus seems to be that almost all 13" mbp late 13 models are affected. This means my new replacement one will do the same. Not good enough, if that is the case I shall be returning it for a full refund, going back to windows and never buying or reccomending another apple product again.


    Can somebody confirm that I get a 'refreshed' 14 day money back guarantee when I receieve my replacement? Apple on the phone said it will but he didn't seem too sure. Last thing I want is to have to live with this fault after paying so much. If I can't have a perfect machine, one that I paid for then no game.

  • Theodore Lee1 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue on a customized 2013 rMBP 13" I just received.


    Here's my specs: 2.8 i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD.


    I've been getting the freezing quite a bit this morning.


    Hitting the power key, putting the machine to sleep, and waiting for about a min seems to resolve it, but it seems that it is happening more and more frequently, which is incredibly annoying.

  • Theodore Lee1 Level 1 Level 1

    This issue is so pervasive that you can be assured Apple will address/fix it with a software update. The only question is how long it will take them to do so. If you don't want to wait, return the machine and get a refund. If you think it's worth waiting, hang on and it will be fixed (hopefully soon).


    I'm afflicted with the same glitch, and am having the same debate with myself as well.

  • loktibrada Level 1 Level 1

    gabry21 wrote:


    azbe explain this!!


  • RIVERSTALKER Level 1 Level 1

    my money back period is over now, i decided to keep mine and i await a software update from apple.

    i read a lot about the freezing problems, i read the whole thread here and i am aware of image retention and ghosting problems with my display cause my late 2013 macbook pro screen was built in week 4 2013.

    this is my first apple computer and i was in the market for this book for a year or so. if it turns out that this is really a hardware issue and they fix it with a software update just to try to hide the issues i hope they give the customers a chance to receive brand new macbooks. if they **** arround and the customer is finally the idiot i will never never buy a apple product again.

    i like the style of the book, its bombproof and a great peace of hardware but they knew about the ghosting problem and they knew about the chipset issues. if they really decided to give it a try and see if the customers dont care about that then apple absolutely is on its way down and they will loose reputation very quick.


    and to be honest i do not care what steve jobs may have done, he should rest in peace really but apple is earning big money and they keep on selling their stuff ... and they have to do it good anyway.


    i hope for all macbook 13" users that in a few weeks we all can laugh about it and have fun with our gear.


  • Oli.S72 Level 1 Level 1

    sTronic wrote:


    # why you think the 13 inch come with a different build of OS X compared to other OS X machines??? do you have evidence? I actually erase my HDD and installed the lastest build of OS X, doesn't remove the error message in system log at all.

    again, you proove to have no clue what you are talking about and you are only trolling.


    On a 13" Haswell rMBP you can only install build 13A2093 of Mavericks.
    This build of Mavericks can not get downloaded, so it is very unlikely installed on any other Mac. (It might even fail to install, since it is a special build for this device)


    Erasing and reinstalling does not change anything, since you are again installing build 13A2093. Other builds will not install on a Haswell 13 inch rMBP.

  • haddass Level 1 Level 1

    I had the freezing with my 13" rmbp and exchanged it for a new one on Saturday.  I have had no problems with the new machine, but the message does keep coming on in the console.  Interestingly, I was at the Apple store yesterday for a workshop and connected to their network.  This message did not show up in my console for the entire hour. 

  • Oli.S72 Level 1 Level 1

    Nice said.

    After the update, you'll be happy with your MBP, you'll see. Until then, plug in an USB Stick and be happy already

  • montaguewarner Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly the same issue here.


    Called Apple today (7 Nov) who seem to think it may be a hardware issue with the first batch. They are sending me a new one from China and picking up the old one from my address.


    They were also familiar with the 'ongoing issue' that several customers have had and were very careful to be precise about the return process etc.


    Not very happy after spending such a huge amount of money but not sure what more I can do other than getting the new one.

  • idark77 Level 1 Level 1

    A lot of trolls here... It is a software issue at 99.99% so stop flames and keep your machine.

  • shadowku Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not convinced that it is a software issue. There's been several people here who have quoted Apple support/sales rep who have said that it is a hardware problem and the fact that there are a few (very few) people who have said that they do not have the problem. If there is a single machine that legitimately does not have the issue with the same 13A2093 build then it may very well be a hardware issue.


    Either way, I think Apple will be trying to fix this with a software patch. I'm concerned as to why the 13" has to get a different build than every other Macbook in the first place. It's taking way too long for Apple to fix this issue.

  • acme200 Level 1 Level 1

    I commented a few days ago that my rMBP 13" 2.8/16/1T  (BTO shipped from China) from Oct 28th had not had a freeze. Console USB logging yes - But Now I too can join the club of freezing. After 9 days of no issus - had first freeze yesterday and a second today...  USB 2.0 stick has gone in and back to work.