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  • jpdemers Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Same problem on a 2007 iMac.  Firefox complains about font names, and the the big freeze.  No crash report on re-boot, which is interesting.  Seems to be a Mavericks issue.  Re-set SMC, but problem re-occurs, about once every 4 days.

  • Diario Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    this thread is specifcally ahout the late 2013 13' MBPR.


    I went back into the apple store for the third time.. I decided to give up and just return the unit... would you believe they couldnt give me the cash I had paid for it back? Because they dont carry that kind of cash in the store?? ***?? They wanted to send me a check... I was very dissapointed. They gave me a gift card instead.. what a joke. I bought the 13" w/out the retina and beefed it up to 8 gigs and ssd..whic unfornately cost me 200$ more than the retina model with the same specs.... Hopefully I wont have any issues with that machine... thanks for ruining my purchasing expeience and wasting hours upon hours of my valube time Apple... you are the best....:(


    the only thing they offered was free apple care on my next purchse or a case...


    I also feel like they know about this issue but decide to act like they know nothing..

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    To answer my own question: my MBP just froze again, Skype was not running. I inserted a USB drive to see if that would somehow help the computer to leave the state of unresponsiveness, it didn't. Then I closed the lid, and when I opened it a few minutes later, I found that the system restarted...


    The system froze when I was using Safari (as was the case last time), but then I guess Safari is the my most heavily used app...

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    yaya2011 wrote:


    After investigate by Genius guy :

    He find nothing anomalie in my hardware.

    He have played 2 HD film during 4 hours and he found nothing.


    He explain to me that problem can be provide of my OS and he proposed to me reinstall it.

    I didn't have a choice.


    Wait and see the next freeze





    Unfortunately , after about ten day, despite install os maverick again by genius team. My mbpr 13 freeze again. So this time during i'm watching video on youtube.  What crap is it?!

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    All times when my mac freeze - it happens with active chrome.

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    I have returned my MBP more than 5 months ago and am still waiting for a fix.. but since there is no any sign of it I think maybe I should try again anyway. So here is my question for you: how long did it take for you until the first freeze? I am asking because my second was only on the 14th day, whereas the first was a few minutes after turning it on for the first time. That is, I do not want to be late to return it and to have problems about that like some of you.

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    Hi all,


    I have the same problem with my MBP 13" Late 2013. I have done all task that the support service has told me: SMC, format and install OSX,...


    Finally, the support service has told me that I should submit my MBP to the official technical service in my city. But, I'm not sure if they can fix this problem. Has anyone taken their laptop for service?


    I dont use Chrome. With a device connected in the usb port, I have the same problem.


    PS: sorry my english .

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    Tada! Another data point. Mavericks, MBP 13" Late 2013. Twice this week, usually every couple weeks, sometimes more frequent somtimes less. I use Firefox. Usually see the problem when watching flash video from anywhere. Stand alone machine, not connected to anything special USB, not connected to power. Recently unplugged from charging or not so recently.


    I did manage to hit the power button on the keyboard and bring up the restart/shutdown dialog, but couldn't do anything else. No brightness, audio volume, mouse, couldn't tab over to reboot, just had to hold down the power button and start over.

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    yellowfruit83 wrote:


    ... I use Firefox. Usually see the problem when watching flash video from anywhere...


    Same. Not only flash, but also HTML5 video. Sometimes after the video has ended and I was in fullscreen, when I exit fullscreen fullscreen animation can trigger a freeze. This freezing REALLY grinds my gears.

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    Same issue. Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch. 1st episode whilst using Migration Assistant with an external HD transferring from a Time Machine back up of a 2008 white Macbook which was still running Snow Leopard. Has happened 4 times so far in a total of approximately 4 hours use. Fix this, Apple. Boooo.

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    Did you apply system updates?

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    Yes although - due to a failure of my first attempt at using Migration Assistant via wi-fi (old school crash - screen remained on, computer unresponsive) this was done prior to migrating my data. App Store now says I'm completely up to date.

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    Same problems here, extremely annoying.


    For a while I was suspecting that it has something to do with Firefox and flash videos, but I just had a freeze when nothing was open in Firefox, and no flash video was playing. (though some were open, stopped)


    I very rarely use Skype, so that's not the culprit.


    When was the latest communication about this issue from Apple?

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    If you look back a couple of pages, a lad named Oli gave a very comprehensive explanation that suggests the cause is an inherent hardware problem for a small number of users that wasn't addressed by Apple's update of the Boot ROM in November last year. He says this update fixed this issue for the vast majority of people. If you check you can ensure your firmware is up to date.  He suggests the hardware problem rests with some sort of complicated processor communication frequency issue that I didn't really understand. He reckons it'll never be sorted and you should take the computer back to Apple. My plan is to film the computer in its unresponsive state the next time it happens. I figure the fact the Apple logo and keyboard are lit while the screen is black/caps lock non-functional should surely convince the Genius that something major is going on.


    The one thing I wondered is whether it's certain batches of MBP/Intel processor that haven't responded to the fix.


    I bought mine from Dixons Travel in Glasgow Airport.


    The other query I had was whether it's related to the Migration Assistant - I transferred from a 2008 white Macbook running "up to date" Snow Leopard. Migration Assistant suggests this OS should work fine transferring to a computer with Mavericks but I have my suspicions....

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    Thanks, Oli's explanation looks very convincing to me...


    I bought my rMBP in a city about sixteen hundred miles East of Glasgow right before New Year, so I guess it's very likely from a different batch.


    BTW, my rMPB runs without freezes since Apri 17. The only change is that I started using a small stand that lifts the back end from the surface the laptop is on, so it runs notably cooler.