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Apple keeps sending me the following when trying to publish a free ibook.The book must contain proper formatting. Paragraph indents or line breaks after paragraphs are required and limited functionality but offers no def. as to what that "functionality" is.  Also, I've reviewed pargarh indents and line breaks and they are all good. Suggestions?

iBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    It could be the "limited functionality"  Apple expect you to include at least one of what they term "interactive" components. Such as a video introduction ..or a video / media widget, picture gallery.


    They sometimes refer to line breaks  due to double spacing by multi return clicks ...sometimes used to move text around or so you don't get a few words of a sentence  at the bottom of s column or page.

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    Thanks vinnyvg,


    So, basically, no point in trying. 

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    Yes there is !   Problems can be overcome

    What type of book are you creating..all flowing text or a mixture of text and images?

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    Good Day,

    With 23 years in printing I have seen a lot of formatting this is new to me and I am a newbe but it sounds like //text wrapping// so when the page loads in a web browser it does so with out going out of bound and looking like //crap//. no other way of putting it. word processors or a program like "Microsoft's "word" program does this automatically. and if you add photos this changes the //wrap//.

    Then there is // TextWrangler  Free // also, // iStudio 17.99$ //. that Apple has in there "App Store'

    hope this helps also it is abot proper "English" and writing so if the grammer is not write than //Apple// is doing what any publisher is going to do and reject work that is not good enough to publish ...


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    There are times when the  " issues"  raised by  the Review Team are a generalisation and may also cover more than  one issue, and like  most  call centres/support teams,  its  probable that they  use preset scripts and leave the interpretation to  the recipient.


    In the original  post by J. Connor,  the trigger to the problem  -  to my thinking - is to ignore the mention about  text formatting and  focus on "functionality". 


    To a newbie submitting a first book and without  really fully understanding the iBook Store requirements, the term "Functionality" can be  confusing. As I mentioned in a reply, functionality can easily be added to a book simply by inserting a Photo Gallery - even if its only 2 photos.  Or any of the widgets and even more simply, by  inserting a 1 minutue video into the intro page. 

    If iMovie us available, then  adding a few photos and transitions make a simple display  video which serves as an intro.  So "funtionalilty" is not a major issue.


    Apple created iBooks Author as a vehicle to produce more than  just an eBook full of text and to assist they include the widgets which allow audio / video and other functions. Having done so, Apple righty expect those who want to  submit books , to use them and add any of the  functions  available. hence my  comment, even a 2 photo image gallery meets their re " functionality" requirement.


    Some useful information in your  post which will help others.


    Welcome to the  discussion groups...