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I am simply trying to copy my iTunes library to an extHDD. I have done this before but the current instructions simply don't match what's on my computer.

According to the instructions:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Choose Edit > Preferences.
  3. Click the Advanced tab in the Preferences window.
  4. Select the "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" checkbox.


but openig iTunes gives me my album covers and nowhere to 'Click' on any tab which gives me access to 'Edit'.


I also find that the Apple Support hasn't any clear answers to this problem; so please 'reply' only if you can genuinely describe clear actions or explanations - no acres of writing and gobbledegook explanations with multiple 'clicks' olutions please.



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    Press ALT or CTRL-B to reveal the missing menu bar (temporarily or permanently).


    Consolidating media to a new path is not the best way to use iTunes with an external drive. Moving the media folder alone is often the cause of problems later down the line, and editing the location of the media folder doesn't repair links to files that have been moved by hand.


    If you want to move your library to an external drive copy the whole iTunes folder across, then shift-start-iTunes to connect to it on the external drive. See HT1589 - iTunes: How to open an alternate iTunes Library file or create a new one for details of how to open a library once it has been moved/copied. Delete the original only once you have tested that it works and made a backup.


    If you're copying it there as a backup see this backup tip. If you don't otherwise have a backup then read the tip anyway!


    If you're planning to move the library to a new computer then see this migrate iTunes library post.


    Apologies for not following instructions.




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    Thanks for your help.

    The Backup tips is the stuff of nightmares - not only having to download yet another software tool but also multiple cliks between programmes and Drives.


    Surely, there must be a straightforward way to Copy iTunes library onto an independent format which also allows the user to re-create a library in the event of a crash?

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    Yes, you can just copy whole folder one time to make a backup, but then what happens two or three weeks later when you've made some new playlists, rated some tracks and bought another album? Are you going to delete the entire backup and then copy everything over again, or are you going to have to work out exactly which files have changed and copy those by hand? Once SyncToy is set up I run the program, click one button to preview the proposed changes, then click again to let them proceed. For me this scores over a fully automatic process which in some cases can mirror deletions that you actually want to reverse. For example an automatic system probably wouldn't have alerted me to the 1,700 podcast episode that iTunes 11.1 deleted from my library!


    SyncToy is also useful if you're trying to recover content from a troublesome drive. Windows copy stalls if there is a file it can read, and then you have to manually work out what still needs to be copied. SyncToy will give up and move on the next one. Once everything has been copied over you can run SyncToy again (perhaps after letting the drive cool down) and it will attempt to copy only those files that it couldn't copy before.



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    I have a foolish question - how do I access keyboard so that I can press Alt or control + b in iTunes?

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    iTunes is an application that runs on Windows and Macintosh computers. These are traditionally furnished with a physical keyboard and a mouse. If you have something else then use the help features to discover how to access and on-screen keyboard, or explore the menus from the small rectangular widget at the top left of the iTunes window to enable the menu bar.



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    I must sound like an idiot. Sorry. I am using my ipad and am trying to access music share to share my itunes with another ipad in the house. Anything I have read online says I can go. To itunes and select edit - preferences. I can't see where I can select edit. I have also read where I can select ALT or control +b to bring up the menu! but I don't have a wireless keyboard. Can I somehow open up a keyboard when. I go into itunes?  Or is there some other way I can do this on my ipad?

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    The commands you are reading about apply to the iTunes program running on a computer, not the iTunes Store, Music or Video apps running on an iOS device. There is (at least currently) no way to share the media on one device locally with another. In some cases you may be able to download the same media to multiple devices directly from the store.