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I've ready a few posts and cant seem to correct this.


I have an 1920x1080 After Effects CC project has a simpe 3 part animation to it.


A :15 OPEN that animates to a STILL FRAME and then an :15 OUTRO.


The STILL FRAME is exported from AE (COMP TO LAYERED PSD) that the client will add headshots to and then export a number PNGs to be brought into FCP7 (NOT X) and place between the OPEN and CLOSE. Simple Template.


In FCP7 The ANIMATION and the STILLS (PNGs) all line up perfectly except for the color shift.


I've ready about the gamma 1.8 .2...., QT, PRORES, etc...


I've tried a few settings, but I must be missing something.


Any help to what or where needs to be set in AE, PSD or FCP or QT7, QTX to get this to match?


under the gun.


(weird! looks fine when I do it in FCX, but client only uses FCP7.)