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Updated to Mavericks. Today, the machine alerted that I had a bunch of updates available and I installed them. Now there are no updates available.Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 8.59.13 PM.png

Here is the existing Pages.


Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.04.04 PM.png


But I tried to open an existing Pages document and was told that I needed a newer Pages.


Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 8.59.45 PM.png



I clicked on the Learn More and get this.


Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.00.04 PM.png


Are all my Pages documents hostage to the new Pages? Do I have to pay $20 to get my own documents from last week? What to do?



Pages '09, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    It was ok for a while but it happened again. Bueller? Bueller?

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    How are you launching Pages 5? If you're using an icon in your Dock that was there before you updated it is opening Pages 4. Open Pages 5 from your Applications folder then right-click on the icon & choose Keep in Dock from the Options contextual menu.



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    Great, Peggy. Thanks

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    I guess I'm not holding my mouth right. The icon in the dock can no longer be dragged off - poof - but can be unchecked "show in dock" as an option. I did that. Go to the Applications folder, click on iWorks. Right click on pages and putting it in the dock is not an option but creat an alias is. Creat an alias and drag that alias to the dock.

    Close everything out. Click Pages in the dock and the older version comes up. It cannot open a newly created (created since Mavericks was installed) document. Close everything out and go to the App > iWorks, click Pages. It opens and can open the newly created document. Maybe I'm wearing an incorrect underwear color?

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    To delete an icon from the Dock in Mavericks you need to drag it higher than in previous versions of OS X. This is likely to prevent users from accidentally deleting icons. Or you can right-click on the icon & choose remove from Dock from the contextual Options menu.



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    In your applications folder, if you are going into the iWorks '09 folder to retrieve your app, then you are choosing Pages '09. Look further down your list of applications to find 'Pages', a separate program icon outside of the 'iWorks' folder.

    I have found that both programs remain, if that helps.

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    Inqursion: You are exactly correct. When I moved to Mavericks, new editions of Numbers, Keynote, and Page were installed. The old versions remained, much to my confusion. Why would Apple do that? Anyway, I have Apple Care so I called Apple and we were able to figure it out. How the new versions got there is a mystery because my machine was purchased before the cutoff date for getting the new versions for free; I sure didn't pay for them. But they did appear. Go figure.