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Hi all,


Recently I accidently deleted the folder that contained most of my library (I didn't think they were refenced, I assumed they were all in my library file, but unfortunately this was not true) and this is causing me a major problem.


My first step was to run Stellar Phoenix Disk Recovery, which was doing well until it broke my second external drive that they were being copied onto. I then scanned it again and put them onto a ExFat volume. However there are now issues with this volume, and the folders are not showing up in finder or Aperture. I can see the files in terminal and at present am trying to copy them over via rsync.


Therefore I need advice regarding the following:


  • Being able to see the files and folders containing my found images on my ExFat volume. If this works it will be very much benefical and may save the need to do the latter.
  • As a last resort, I may need to merge the previews into the masters, as otherwise I will no longer have any copy of the images files.


I've pretty much lost all of my images from my life, so would really appreciate some help here.




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    and put them onto a ExFat volume

    Does it need to be an EXFat volume? Having the referenced files on a disk with a different formatting than your Aperture libray is asking for trouble because the filenames may be incompatible. If you can, move your originals to a drive that is formatted MacOS X Extended (Journaled).


    But Aperture should be able to see the drive and the volumes, even if it is ExFAT. I just checked, my Aperture 3.5 can see folders on ExFAT volumes, at least, after I enabled the "Shared Folder" flag. Check the permissions on your drive, Phil. What does it say?


    -- Léonie

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    It's just as I didn't want to restore them onto a volume that I was restoring them from, the minimise overwriting freespace that may contain more images.


    I found that holding option on a root folder allows Aperture to force relocate.


    But still I'm thinking I may need some kind of script to make my Aperture image previews into the masters.


    I will report back as to how many images I recover.