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supersarper Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

Is there any way to remove "shared links" only from safari 7 in mavaericks. it's really lagging safari especially due to opening a new tab.


I removed twitter from preferences>internet accounts but i wan't to keep in notification center and as a sharing option.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 15"
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    I used to click on that "Top Sites" icon all the time, now I get sluggish pause and spinning cursor before my sites load. Annoying.


    Thanks for the tip to delete my Twitter account, it did improve things.


    Drastic that we have to strip Twitter integration system wide to get Safari to behave as it once did.

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    Hey, I found another solution or walk around, not so nice but works quite same:



    when you close the safari it's better to leave it in bookmarks / reading list section (i don't know if i can explain it, just unclick shared links through clicking on bookmarks/reading list). next time you open your browser you won't have lag of shared links. this prevents lag of twitter's shared link. well, in this way you can use twitter in system wide.


    well, i still have lag evertime i click a link or open a tab/pop up etc. sad

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    I'm desperate to delete the shared links on my ipad, I have the most vile links coming through,mIve tried everything everyone has suggested, I can't find a way to delete, please help

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    Delete your twitter account this will delete the shared links, but you will need a new twitter account sign in.

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    This obviously cannot be the answer because I have the exact same problem as supersarper and I don't even have a twitter account and it is not installed on my ipad! I've had my ipad for awhile and I never clicked on Shared Links in Safari before but today I decided to see what it was and I saw a long list of nothing but trash. I do not like this at all and apparently can't get rid of it.