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    My 13" has the same problem after Mavericks. I now hate my Mac.

  • themachead Level 3 Level 3 (765 points)

    yushuen, & djvanhaarlem Take it in. Mention this thread, and entire computuers being replaced.

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    Everytime I think I have it solved it creeps back in. 17 inch MacBook Pro, late one with DVD, 16 Gb memory.


    I only perused this thread but while I have an iMac, fully loaded, no problems on the iMac? Does this seem to be localized to notebooks?

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    Same here. I bought my Macbook Air last summer July 2013, and the problem only happened to me month ago. I thought it might be the update you guys talking about. I went to genius bar, had my Mac thoroughly checked up for 5 days and they replied me that there was no problem with my Mac. However, after taking my Mac back for 2 days, while I was studying it automatic shut off. What's wrong Apple??? I don't want to go to Genius Bar again cuz I don't have any spare computer for my study. And I don't want to wait a few months more from now until I pass my one year warranty.

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    I went back to clean Mavericks install image (no ILok, no Stuffit, no VLC or other basic software). Now everything is steady for 3 days in a row.

    I'll wait for a new ILok manager update then.


    So maybe a clean, clean install (on a different drive than your mountain lion OS) might do the trick, when possible for you.


    Cheers and good luck!

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    No - other systems have the same or similar - problems. Not as many reporting, maybe slower to adopt?

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    Having same issues after mavericks update. But my Macbook Air is Mid-2011 so I have no warranty. You guys think I could stilll bring to Apple store for a fix without being charges?

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    Apple Genius Bar is a total waste of time. I went there yesterday and they told me that they could send it out to be stress tested and replace any defective parts, but it would cost me. There are no free fixes or exchanges. In fact, they act like they have never heard of the problem. Don't waste you're time like I did! We have to just wait for an Apple acknoledgement of a problem and a fix, which will probably never come.

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    Whomever thinks apple will replace their Air is kidding themselves!

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    Try this guys, it worked for me.  I've reset the SMC and have not experienced that in over a month now.


    You can find instructions here:


    If you don't want to go through all the preliminary steps, scroll down to

    Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

    and choose your type of mac and try it.  Hope it works for you also.

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    I'm still wondering why my wife's iMac, new for Christmas, no shut down issues, nor my iMac at the office, no shutdown issues with iMac. My guess is that it's somehow associated with the Power Management settings, tho' I have set everything to never (solid state drives in MacBook Pro) and off battery/only AC power. But, still does it.


    IS ANYONE HAVING this problem with desktops or is it localized to notebooks only?

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    See these probleme for iMac


    or these about sleep  I imagine that an iMac may not be put to sleep as often as they are awalys pugged into the mains.

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    I've bought my mid 2013 air 3 months ago, updated to mavericks at once and everything was fine until now - this just happened to me 3 times in an hour! I've just tried resetting SMC, i hope it would help. But this is crazy, Apple!

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    After installing Mavericks everal of my programs quit 'unexpectedly'  repeatedly.  My Mac is so slow now it feels like I'm using one from the 80s.  I was an ALL Apple person - in love with all my Apple products.  Not now.  It seems Steve Job's absence is being felt sooner than I expected.


    Mavericks is by far the worst product from Apple.  I so regret downloading it!

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    How much free space is on your SSD? Mavericks (at a minimum) need 8GB to run. (That's with no overhead) you should keep 10-20% of your SSD drives size empty for VMEM and temporary files. (12-25GB on a 128GB, 25-50GB on a 250GB drive) If you do not have that much free space try removing files until you do.


    From a Repair (command-R) boot use Disk Tools->Disk Utility:Disk First Aid to repair the boot volume, when that is done (as long as you're there) repair the permissions


    See if that stops the sudden shutdowns.