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  • cdr4 Level 1 (0 points)

    My Mac Air 11in is also shutting down with more than 50 percent battery. I too am waiting for answers.

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    I have an iMac from 2012, and ever since I installed mavericks, it will shut off automatically, then reboot by itself. Why havent they found out why this happens?? I took it to the genius bar and they clean installed mavericks and it still does it. come on, Apple. FIX THIS

  • ppajak Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope, had that done, and good for a few days, but then, SHUT OFF AGAIN.

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    The problem is with the fans. There's a software problem between Mavericks and some MacBook Airs. The fans don't start up when they should and the CPU overheats. This causes the computer to shut down once the CPU temp reaches 105*C to prevent damage.


    The best way I found to fix it is to install smcFanControl, and manually control the fans. I keep mine around 4000 rpm whenever I'm doing anything that moderately uses the CPU. My MacBook Air has been running quicker and smoother, and completely stopped randomly shutting off.

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    I had the same problem this past weeks and tried the SMC reset and other things to fix it but it still shutting down automatically and you can hear the fan noise. Then Apple launched a Software Update on April 23, Software Update 2014-002. After updating my Macbook Air, the problem was gone. Until now i'm not experiencing any auto shut down and fan noise. You can try the update and see if it works. Goodluck. 

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    Thank you all for the suggestions. After trying what I could I took the Mac Air to an Apple Store. It turned out to be a rare occurance of total battery failure. They replaced the battery and all is well. Thanks again.

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    I have the same issue when i connect my external hard drive to my macbook and while using spotlight to search my hard drive, computer would shut down. I only happened once. the screen would show press any button to restart something like that

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    This happened to me this Saturday. It was the first hot weekend since purchasing my 2013 iMac and I was out for the weekend so the AC was set higher than usual. I came home and found open windows on my desktop that hadn't been there when I left (they reopened upon startup). Clocks weren't blinking around my house so it wasn't a power outage. I'm guessing it might have been Power Nap turning the computer on to perform updates/backups and not powering the fans in order to do so. Since the ambient temperature was higher than normal the computer shut down, possibly due to overheating.

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    the same happend to me

    this is the third day in sequence


    I just don't know why it is shutting down


    once I put it infrontof AC for a while , it comes back alive !


    APPLE please fix that


    MacBook Pro

    13-inch, Early 2011

    Processor  2.3 GHz Intel Core i5


    Memory  4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB


    Software  OS X 10.9.2 (13C1021)

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    I had that problem as well, with intermittent random shutdowns. I reset all Energy parameters to 10 minutes and problem went away. But, not sure that did it as there were a number of software/app updates and who knows what really did it.


    Sorry I couldn't be specific. BTW, I suspect Boom might have been the offending app, but no conclusive evidence with all of the updates.

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    You all realise that apple doesn't get involved in these discussions don't you?  They're the consumate, don't respond to anything company...  And taking your device to an apple store, where the "geek" has about 1 hours training is as useless as pushing water up hill with a rake... 

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    Well, I have taken my imac (2012 desktop) to Apple Genius Bar, the wiped the whole machine, clean install of mavericks, and it still shuts down and retarts by itself, randomly. Its not a laptop, like so many of these posts. Has anyone had this problem with it happening on a desktop model? I cant seem to solve this problem.

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    my MBP 2009, was working perfectly, but since upgrade maverik, i have that problem, sometime, it work for a week with nothing, h24 working, but, today, it shut down 5 times... i dont know what to do...

    is it a kind of virus, finnaly appear on mac?

    i'm ****** off loosing my work and remaking it...

    all i can read here is people with the same problem but no solution...

    reseting smc change nothing at all, i did it and 5 min later it shut down, no error message, nothing.

    time machine change nothing but allowing me to think i loose no data...

    please tell me what to do!

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    Edit: I do realize this is a MacBook Air subforum, but wanted everyone to know it's not limited to the Air or laptops.


    Same thing here. Mac Pro Early 2008 3,1 running 10.9.3, 22GB Ram, Samsung 840 EVO SSD, Bootcamp partition, more stats available upon request. I get random shutdowns, with nothing meaningful or repeatable to be found in the console/error logs. It's been happening on and off since the install "upgrade" of Mavericks, and it happens on all version of Mavericks so far with no updates solving the problem yet. It seems to happen more frequently when video-intensive programs are running, but it's certainly not limited to that, and seems to occur completely at random most times, regardless of what programs (or none) are running, or how much or little system resources are being used. Sometimes it happens multiple times per day, other times I'll get away without a shutdown for a week if I'm lucky. When it shuts down no video is output to the monitor, but it doesn't shut all the way down. Instead, the fans go full speed, but otherwise it's non-responsive and I have to do a hard reboot. Sometimes it shuts down again immediately after reboot, or rather never gets to the "chime" startup sound and goes straight back into full speed fans.


    At first I thought it might be the video card, the ram or external drives, but everything tests well, and I've tried removing all drives except my boot drive and all peripherals and externals. None of that helped. I've also attempted cloning my drive with SuperDuper, which I use for backups to other drives, and the same issue persists. I've tried verifying and repairing permissions, checking error logs for problems prior to shutdown like kernel panics or other red flags, running Apple Hardware test, running 3rd party RAM test and drive tests, SMC resets, paramater ram resets, left everything unplugged and disconnected for 24 hours when I was away over the weekend, changed out the logic board battery (CR2032 coin battery), tweaked the power management settings, ran all scripts with Onyx, made sure all drivers are up to date, cleaned all the leads to the ram, video cards, HD's and anything/everything else that plugs into the computer, ensured all software up to date, and about a hundred other changes in hopes that something, anything, might make a difference. Nothing has helped, and the problem persists.


    I never had this issue prior to Mavericks. All of the previous OS' worked without any major issues that were unable to be fixed with a little research or basic troubleshooting. I think the best performance and stability I had was with Snow Leopard on my machine, but I have upgraded OSX pretty regularly after waiting at least few months for the major bugs to (hopefully) be worked out. Some programs and features needed Mavericks to run, so I "upgraded" when I needed those features. It seemed unlikely that this type of problem would stem from a software issue, so I assumed it was hardware, but my experience lines up with many others here and on other forums, and I have no reason to suspect any of the other components as nothing else changed between the switch to from Mountain Lion to Mavericks.


    I hope Apple acknowledges this issue, or someone comes up with a fix. Someone in an earlier post recommended smcFanControl, so I might try that.


    Sorry for the long post, but I've had trouble finding what others have tried and what does and does not seem to help. Hopefully this helps someone else as a place to work from with new troubleshooting approaches I haven't thought of.

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    This is happening on my 2010 iMac 27inch i7 with 12GB ram, i lost several drives, after asking students at our uni about their problems we learned that if you share any apple products registered to another user and lose your drive, IF you happen to salvage the old user you will find that you can not log back into that user with your password or iCloud credentials, how ever you can with the iCloud credentials of the app you do NOT own.


    this is safe to say iCloud damages your hard drive to erase data assuming you pirated a copy of iMovie (for example)., regardless if your mom purchased it and your using her copy.