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  • sam_pling Level 1 (0 points)

    Anyone find a solution? I've tried most suggestions to date and done a clean install. It lasts between 20-30 mins and then boots, without any visible error. I'm using a 2011 macbook pro. I've seen lots about the hardware issue on macs of this era but it was fine!

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    I had my iMac for months with no issue, then it seemed to start around the time I set my upper-left corner to start my screensaver (to quickly lock my screen). I had 2 or 3 sleep wake failures within a month. Then I disabled that hot corner (leaving the other ones, as well as my screensaver and sleep timers, active). I haven’t had any issues in a month since.


    It could just be a coincidence, but if you have a hot corner for your screensaver or putting the display to sleep, try disabling it and see if anything changes.

  • RyanPartin Level 1 (0 points)

    We have several Apple computers in use here in our office and have just wiped a 2012 MacBook Air and are now seeing this same random shutdown issue. Based on posts I've read in this thread, I'm thinking it might be related to heat. The OS might be shutting down the computer to protect a component. We are going to install SMC fan control and run the fans at higher speeds to see if that eliminates the problem. If it does, then it makes sense that it is possibly heat related. It's definitely something associated with the very buggy Mavericks OS. Funny thing is that this exact same computer has been operating ok without random shutdowns for a few months now on Mavericks. We just assigned the computer to a new employee, so needed to wipe it and reinstall the OS... and now we have this problem, when we didn't before. Could be that there is some software interfering with the OS and causing the problem, hard to tell. Anyway, I'll update my post with the results of our troubleshooting. SMC Fan Control can be downloaded here:

  • RyanPartin Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, so not sure if I can edit my original post... it doesn't look like it... so I'm going to "reply" to my own post with an update.


    A couple of things to point out; 1. The unexpected shutdown issue DOES in fact seem to be related to heat and improper fan control by the OS (at least in our case). We have had the fan running at high speed for two days now without any unexpected shutdowns. Prior to manually running the fan speed up, the laptop would get hot (we suspect) and shutdown several times per day. 2. We found a better fan control program with much more capability. "Macs Fan Control" available here: Awesome little program! You can view ALL temp sensors in your computer and set the fans manually, to be controlled by the OS automatically, or to ramp up based on a low/high temperature. Very handy program indeed. Totally free and much more feature packed than the simple SMC Fan Control program.


    So in summary, at least in our case, the unexpected shutdowns (due to Mavericks) have been solved by running the MacBook Air's fan at higher speed. Hopefully Apple will fix whatever is causing the fans to not be controlled properly. If you find that running your fan(s) faster fixes your problem, please post a  reply here so others will know... or at least click the "Like" link at the bottom right of this post, so others can see it is a "Like(d)" solution. Hope this helps. If it doesn't fix your problem, also please post that info.

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    i had same problem i got ice pack put it under my mac air used disk utility and did clean install to mountain lion fix problem guess mavericks has bug part bios

    good luck everyone .  oh the ice pac is to cool cpu temp sensor  it gives you enough time use disk utility to do clean install of mountain lion

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    @ tony93702... are you serious, an ice pack? True, it would cool the laptop, but isn't ice for beer . Why don't you just install one of the free fan control programs and run your fan a bit faster until Apple rectifies this issue? Mavericks is definitely buggy to say the least. We've encountered a few different issues - we run ~ 60 Apple computers in our company. But even with the issues, Mavericks has some nice new features. Super excited about the new features coming with Yosemite. Hopefully Apple will get a little more aggressive with fixing these obvious known issues being discussed in the Apple forums.


    As an update; still no random shutdowns since installing the Macs Fan Control app and running the MacBook Air (2012 model) fan faster.

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    Ryan, what speed are you running it at? 




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    download smcfancontrol app.. turn your fans up to a higher rpm when your doing higher performance activities like streaming video or game playing. fixed the same problem i had on my 2011 macbook air

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    i have noticed same issues. do you know at what temp the macbook is set to shut off due to heat? when you had yours shut off did you have to reset SMC? i notice when mines shuts off and i unplug  and plug the charger back it boots up on its own if i dont press the power button ....also does anyone with this issue installed Yosemite and have their shutdown issues resolved? 

  • jeoth Level 1 (0 points)

    hi there

    after searching about 6 months  finally mine solved by replacing my ebay battery with the original

    I hope to help someone

  • jeroplex Level 1 (0 points)

    i have replaced mine as well. but i notice mine shuts down when its gettting around 60c. which seems a bit premature.

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    My MacBook Pro 15 inches, shuts down without warning. Even after trying to continuously press the power button, it doesn't switch on. I keep it away and after a long time, it finally switches on, only to shut off again. Does anyone have the same problem or a solution to this?

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    Macbook air mid 2012 shutting off by itself. The problem started after I applied the last mavericks update. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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