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It appears that data entry is only possible directly in cells now rather than being able to enter it in the bar at the top of the spreadsheet as in Numbers '09?


This is unfortunate. I've always used that space to paste text from webpages and other programs to have them default to the standard format of the sheet rather than use the clumsy shift-option-command-V to paste items and match style.


Am I missing something? I've tried all the menu options I can find but there doesn't seem to be any other data entry area other than directly in the cell.


This is the 3rd or 4th thing now that is really going to hamper my productivity in the new numbers. I'm really considering dumping it at this point and going back to the old version... At least on spreadsheets that are easily recreated since the old version won't open spreadsheets that have been manipulated in the new version.




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    How about that, Numbers V2 is on its way out and I learn something new about it. I never realized the practicality of pasting into the Formula Bar.


    However, in Numbers V3, there is a slightly clunky way to enter data into the formula editor rather than directly into the cell:


    Select the Cell, Type an equals sign, hit "delete", Paste.


    Not easier than Shift-Option-Command-V, but it works.