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Not a power user but since there's no OneNote for Mac (please don't mention Outline - the incredible stillborn app) I've ended up using Numbers for a lot of organizing the last 6 years.


Didn't think twice about upgrading to 3.0 - afterall, Apples updates only make things better - right?

I've learned to give them the benefit of the doubt over the years - 80% of their changes may take some getting used to but in the end they help productivity.


Ug - what an ugly app and disappointment:


- No left bar for my sheets - I have 40+ sheets, before I could easily scroll down and view / organize them. Now they're horizontally arranged - totally hidden. Crazy.

- Unable to sum cells - was always easy before -  just grab a bunch of cells and click function / sum - now it doesn't work (for me)

- Defaults to 125% - why o why?

- The formatting pane (which i rarely use) is now static on the right side - how untuative (is that word?) to have to mouse over to the right side to perfom these rarely used features - and why would you EVER hog horizontal real-estate on a spreadsheet app?

- The new icon is pretty

- I like the new styles for the grid.


Luckily found that we still have 2.3 installed - just went back and changed the defaults (get info / open / all like this) to go to 2.3 - I will not be using 3.0 free or not.


Since Steve is gone nothing seems the same with Apple.