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This happens no matter where i try to transfer the files towards; music library, images or any of my apps. This problem never happened until i had to update my iTunes in order to connect to my ipad with iOS7 on it, i had this problem before when i updated my itunes without quite entirely needing to, and i fixed the issue i had by reverting to an older version, weirdly enough. Now that i was forced to in order to continue to connect to my ipad at all, i have been having the same problem once again. The only weird thing is that it's completely randomised, i transfer files of identical sizes and it'l be fine with 4 transfers, then disconnect my ipad and reconnect it on the 5th file, then itl be fine for 2 more, then reconnect on another etc.


I used to think this may have been an issue with my usb connected external hard drives, however when i have them disconnected the problem still persists without any specific pattern. My windows is always kept up to date, as in the month or two that i've had this problem [wasn't specifically counting i will admit]  Windows had plenty of instances where it updated. I would think it is my hardware, but i couldn't imagine how that would be at random like this, nor how it was fixed earlier by switching to an older version of iTunes.


I realise that this isn't much information to go on, but after approximately two months of assuming my computer is to blame, i can't take any other conclusion than iTunes not being programmed to be compatible with something.


My setup is as follows:


AMD Phenom II 64-bit (4 CPUs), 3.2GHz




OS: Windows 8.1 [i switched to 8.1 last week, long after the issue began]



I should also note, i usually connect my ipad via my front USB ports, but for the sake of trying everything i also connected it via the back in hopes of it being an issue with which USB type i was using. Sadly the issue persisted.

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.2