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I just got a new iMac (OSX 10.8.5) and have installed and set almost everything up except for transferring my iTunes library.


My old computer is an old Mac Pro (OSX 10.6.7) and I had all my mp3's, etc. on a separate drive - huge library of about 80GB of music.


What's the best way to get all my music, including album artwork and playlists over to my new iMac?  I have more space on my main OS drive so I can have all my mp3's there along with the OS and applications.


Would migration assitistant do this?  Or can I manually copy files over?


If I use migration assistant, coud/should I use an ethenet cable?  My new iMac doesn't have a firewire connection and USB 2.0 would be slow (but would do it if that would work).



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)