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Being that iMovie 10 doesn't have the "share to iDVD" function, I have seen others suggest you "share to file" and then import the file into iDVD.  However, my iMovie files' output is .mp4 and iDVD gives an error message saying it's not an acceptable format.  I cannot seem to find a way to change the output to .mov.  I tried using iSkysoft mp4 to mov converter, but that didn't work either, it just said "failed", didn't give more info. 


Also, the movies (all made in iMovie 10, not previous version) are not showing as an option inthe iDVD Media>Movies pane.  Clearly, these two programs are no longer integrated like before, which I think many users will find frustrating.  Not everyone wants/needs to share their movies only via online sources.


I appreciate any suggestions for these issues, thanks~

MacBook (13-inch), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    The above is a very polite way of putting it .My faith in mac is wayning i have been using imovie / idvd for years but since maverick Rubbish try photostage. Such a shame don't no what apple are playing at

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    Just tried a couple of export options from a short film made with iMovie10:

    SD, 540P and 720P exported them as a seperate file (mp4) no problems in dragging them into an open iDvD window. They render fine,

    However when trying to use the media button in iDvD and chosse either foto or film iDvD will crash, however using audio and within iTunes directory pick "film" the films I shared thrue iTunes are available , can be dragged and render fine.


    Clearly iDvD is abandonde already for a couple of years now, but still can be used .