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MattPD Level 1 (0 points)

I too have no media sound on my iPhone 4 after 7.0.3 upgrade:


  • I know the speaker works- i can hear sound from it on speakerphone, voicemail, and voice memo apps



  • However, using any of the following, I get no sound (and hitting the volume buttons on the side simply brings up ringer volume - not app volume)
    • quicktime videos (internet based and on my phone)
    • netflix
    • garageband
    • quicktime
  • i have unsuccessfully tried the following fixes:
    • locked / unlocked the "side buttons" control volume
    • performed a settings > general > reset
    • a button reset (holding home and power buttons)
    • performed a complete reinstall of ios and restored my phone
  • Judy1313 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here on the iPhone 5.

    Siri is mute; the speakerphone is dead. Music only works on earbuds. Phone/text/email alerts only work on vibrate as external speaker is dead. Calls work on bluetooth and the old 'phone-to-the-head' method, but anything that uses the external speakers is gone.

    Resetting didn't work.

    Restarting didn't work.

    Backup - wipe - resore didn't work.

    Hammer is in the garage, so that fix will have to wait.

    Has anyone gotten something that will really fix this new bug from the update to fix the old bugs?

  • TTU 02 Level 1 (10 points)

    I too have the same problem on a 4s. I tried everything and the only thing that worked was a complete restore. My external speaker was working for sound. I then went about changing all my settings and apps back and when I was done the speaker would no longer work. When playing music in any app for speaker choices I can't even pick iPhone, the only options are dock connector or Apple TV.

  • TTU 02 Level 1 (10 points)

    I managed to fix this…for now at least. I plugged in the phone to the charger connected to the wall. Started music and brought up the output options which at the time were external dock and Apple TV. I chose Apple TV and then did a hard restart on the phone. When it came back on my output choices were back to iPhone and Apple TV. I haven't plugged this back in to my dock since I fixed it and don't plan to try it.

  • cosmin.toma Level 1 (70 points)

    I had this problem since the 7.0.3 update. I searched everywhere and nothing, the solutions gived were not working in my case. So, i did a lot of tests and tried everything. One single trick seemed to be working, but it's not a permanent solution, unfortunately.


    1. You must go and deactivate Siri.

    2. Restart the iPhone / iPad.

    3. After restart, go and activate Siri.

    4. Lock the iPhone / iPad.

    5. Bring Siri and ask her / him a question (if you are hearing the "beep" from Siri and it will answer to you, you are good, if not, try to repet the process again).


    Again, this is not a permanent solution, sometimes lasts 3 days, sometimes one day.


    I do not know yet why is this happening, but it's not related to applications (in my case).


    Waiting for the next update to resolve this.

  • TTU 02 Level 1 (10 points)

    Finally took it to the Genius Bar. They said I had water damage to the charging port and that was the problem. Was told they had to replace the whole phone. I took it to a local phone repair shop and they replaced it for $50. It's been a week now and it has indeed fixed the problem.

  • MattPD Level 1 (0 points)

    Turns out i too had damage to the charging port.


    I discovered that when I swiped up the grey "control panel" i didn't have a volume slider, until i wiggled the charging cable - at which point the slider (and sounds) would work intermittently.

  • StaciZ Level 1 (0 points)

    I am currently having problems with the call volume on my iPhone 4. I can barely hear a person during the call. I don't know how to get the volume raised. Any help would be appreciated!