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    Thanks for this. I was able to install Win8.1 with this method.


    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the big difference from this method and the EFI method? Also, I noticed people discussing how the integrated gpu is not detected, but can we actually switch between the two gpus if it's able to detect it? I always thought that we couldn't use the integrated gpu in bootcamp anyway.  Thanks in advance.

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    This did not work for me.  Tried these exact steps 5 times with 3 different working copies of windows.  Anybody know anything on what is going on?

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    Its driving me crazy.

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    Thanks man, that really helped.. Got it working now on my 15" mbpr late 13 with nvidia gpu.

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    Exact same problem for me trying to install Windows 8 on my new rMBP, but this solution worked PERFECTLY!! Many, many thanks Jarvil.


    After 20 years PC use, this is my first Mac, let alone MBP, so I was somewhat terrified by the instructions (put it this way, I had to look up on the internet which key was the option key!) so any Mac noobs reading this, do..not..fear. Just follow carefully. Thanks again Jarvil.

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    I was so hopeful this would work but it did not. I spent all day trying your solution

    And ever other one on this forum. Apple gave up told me to contact Microsoft. Microsoft says they don't

    Support boot camp. I don't know what to do at this point

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    Here's my view.  One shouldn't need to jump through hoops to get software to work.  If Apple is going to market Boot Camp, then it is incumbent upon Apple to make sure the product works as advertised.  I was suspicious of the Apple geniuses who said the MacBook Pro ($2500 in the configuration I was looking at) would have no problem installing Windows 8.1.  So I made sure I tried it the night I got the MacBook Pro home from the Apple Store.  Sure enough the install did not work as advertised.  The next morning I returned my MacBook Pro for a full refund.  When I see through this discussion that installing Windows 8.1 works flawlessly without having to stop the installation process at this or that point to do some slight of hand, then I'll consider trying the MacBook Pro again. 


    Perhaps Apple needs to sit down with Microsoft to jointly work out the issue.  Microsoft wins because it sells more licenses of its operating system and Apple wins because they sell more hardware. 


    Right now, the best thing I can say about either company is that both cheerfully refunded my money.


    Good luck.

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    I am using OS10.9, yet the operations minus and plus don't appear to have any function within Disk Utility. Can someone elaborate?


    1. The BOOTCAMP partition should be at the bottom. Select this partition by clicking on it. Ensure it is the highlighted partition then press minus to remove it.
    2. Click apply on the bottom right to make the changes.
    3. Now press plus to add a new partition which will likely be names Macintosh HD2"
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    Does not work.  What computer model do you have? 


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    Both an iMac 21.5 late 2013 and RMBP late 2013, I have been trying both. Both the regular boot camp install and your recommendation has not worked on either as well as any other thread with a recommendation I can find, has not worked.

    It will not load to the drive that boot camp makes (the 0,4 drive), then the formatting with in the MS installer will not recognize its own work to make it an NTFS format. ( I know it does though because I can see after with disk utility that it is)


    After spending hours on my own and will Apple support, the keeps saying call MS. MS says they don't support boot camp. Im so frustrated I just ordered windows 7 to see if that will work thenI will load 8.1 over that.

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    Ok, I got it to work on my late 2013 RMBP, I had to install Windows 7 on the machine with Boot Camp. Then I upgraded to 8.1 from Inside Windows 7, What a pain that was. Also expensive since I had to buy both 7 and 8.1

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    How did you get windows 7 to install?  I have tried it on 4 of these computer many different ways and it will not work.  Been installing windows using bootcamp for years

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    I just used the normal boot camp install, Put drivers on an external drive and used boot camp to use my external DVD drive to load  Windows 7.


    The only exception to that and the place I was getting stuck loading 8.1 straight on was when the 7 installer asks you to pick the "bootcamp" drive as the new hard drive, I needed to hit a format drive button in that same screen to re-format that drive that boot camp set up just a few steps before. then the Windows 7 installer did the rest.


    When I did that going straight to 8.1 that same step with re-formatting the"bootcamp" drive it did not recognize the drive to finish the install.

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    Hy JARVIL,

    I am macbook pro early 2011 user.I want to install windows 8 on my macbook pro by follow of your instruction. But many more failed to perform it and every time it show me error sms at first.Suggest me power off then reopen it.When reopen this with option key that time installer run. But it show previous yellow triangle error message to select setup drive. How can i fix this problem?Inform me pls.


    Another major question: This pocedure is possible for early macbook pro(attest optical drive).

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    This procudure is tested on late 2013 Macbook Pro 15" Retina using the Intel Haswell chipset and the Nvidia GeForce 750M graphics. I have no idea whether it will work on any other platform as it was designed to address an issue with latest Macbooks failing to install Windows 8.1 through bootcamp. It allows you to do a BIOS installation. Some people want an EFI based installation which presently does NOT work. In fact there is no evidence to date that an EFI installation has ever been the correct way to do this. It is an ideal way but seems to be hit and miss with these macbooks.