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I have got into Systems Preferences and activated Speakable Items. I have set up the word Siri, to provide a continuous command. My problem is that when I'm trying to calibrate the mic. I can only sporadically get a couple of the commands to activate. I've almost lost my voice, using a quiet voice, medium, or loud and every range of the calibration, but without success. When I tried to use Siri, it does not recognise a single command, even the odd one that I managed to get accepted in the calibration process. Can anyone advise me, where I am going wrong. It is very irritating, to have a feature that you cannot use. I've also tried to switch from internal microphone to line in, but without success.


Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

iMac 27" i5, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    In my experience it is simply unusable, SIRI on iOS can do a very good job of my very clear Scottish accent, Dictation even works really quite well on Mavericks for me, but the whole UI and UX of speakable items is riddled with bugs and inconsistencies, it does not work with my USB audio mic, even though Dictation does!! (Yes,I have selected the correct inputs) - it's poorly supported and an insult to the people who need it more than i do.


    I got it to work just twice in over 100 attempts, even using the key listening toggle, i had to throw a faux cheesy american accent to get one of those to work !


    The attention to the important details has gone down-hill over recent years with Apple, it's all gone a tad superficial and bling imho


    very dissapointing