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Yesterday I received a notice that there is an update for iWork (Page, Keynote, Numbers) and everything I've read online says it should be a free update (it also says that the updates are more like downgrades, but that is another story).


The app store is telling me that the upgrades are not free even though I have a registered program on my iMac and on my iPad mini.


What is the workaround?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    I have learned two ways to force the Mac App Store to recognize the iWork ’09 apps originally installed from the retail DVD or licensed downloaded trial.


    1. Sign out of your Mac App Store account, quit the Mac App Store, relaunch it & then sign in. You should then see the iWork & iLife apps with an Update button.
    2. Open App Store on your Mac & look at the buttons under Keynote, Pages & Numbers. If it does not say “Update” click Account under Quick Links, enter your password & click “View Account.”  Next, click the “Reset” button to the right of “Reset all warnings for buying and downloading” at the bottom of this page, & click Done. Check your updates tab & iWork & iLife updates should now appear.


    Don't delete the iWork '09 apps until you are absolutely sure the new versions meet your needs!



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    Thank you for your answer, Peggy. I did what you had recommended and the programms are still showing a fee.


    On the other hand, there have been so many negative comments about the update that I'm not really sure I want the new version.

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    The new Pages is just a curiosity. I shall get it only because I do support here on the forums.


    Pages 5 will stay well away from my work. But anything I do now in Pages '09 is also dead-ended.


    Caught between a rock and a hard place like most Pages Users.


    I'll be on the prowl for a replacement before the End of Days and Pages '09 ceases to work completely.



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    Maybe I'll save myself the headache and skip the update. I'd also bought it for my iPad mini in August. If there are cloud communication problems then I'll just have to e-mail myself, I guess.


    I like many things that I can do with Pages and even though it took a while, I figured out how to do some great things in Numbers (like keeping a record of my freelance work – estimating time, money, tracking progress). And I can make tables that not only work, but look good at the same time.


    I have a feeling that "the cloud" isn't so user friendly after all and that the silver lining is made of lead.



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    I've gotten in touch with Apple Support. This is what they suggested which worked for me.


    My programs were bought long ago in 2009 on CDs and I live in Germany, so my computer is set up with German as the main language. So if anyone has a similar situation it might work.


    Go to System settings > Languages & Region. Change the primary language to English. Close System Settings. You will get a prompt to restart the computer. Do so. Once your computer is up and running again, go to the App Store and you should see all the iWork and iLife products as free updates.


    After the update is completed (it took a very long time), you can return to System Settings and change the primary language back to where you had it and restart the computer again.


    The apps do not overwrite iWork 09. There is a separate folder with all those original programs. I don't intend to delete them and will probably continue working with them as long as I can. I've opened up a layout document that I'd made in the new pages and it wasn't interpreted correctly.


    I hope this solution helps.